Skeptic ability scores

I really, REALLY would like to see from who and for what I received a + or a -

Am I missing something (or possibly I’m simply too dense) that I cant figure out how to see this or is it simply the forum way to make one wonder about it?

Whoever gave me that new +, thank you, however, I’d like to know what I said that was considered clever enough to warrant it though!?

It made me happy



I’m assuming you added that!

Thank you!

MWAH!!! :-*

Wow, you’re quick :wink:
For those that are wondering what it’s about - the karma log link is now available on the board index page for Hero Members only (I hope).

Awesome :smiley:

And this way more worthwhile all around. Thanks bluegray and thanks faerie for raising the issue.

Bluegray, now you’ve opened up a can of worms! ;D


Heh, Mintaka beat me. At first I was like “Wow this is fascinating reading!” and then I was like “Oh dear this is gonna get ugly…” ;D

Some of irreverent’s comments are pure class though…

Oh lordy, 150 more posts till I’m a HERO MEMBER. Oy vey! :frowning:

I’ll just have to flood kak posts.

My holy sockpuppet has even longer to go LOL! ;D

I am open to bribes >:D

A free ticket to heaven, maybe? Things can be “arranged”.

How many posts does one need to escape newbie status? A million gazillion?

One guaranteed Saint Peter/Pearly Gates Productions Ticket To Heaven, valid any time, any place, to the Heaven of your choice for granting my poor friend rwenzori “special privileges”. Full remission from Purgatory.

And here I was in another thread bashing special privileges… :-X. But seriously, I’m a bit surprised rwenzori isn’t in hero mode yet.

Lurkie: 500

I haven’t posted in months, but now I will bombard you all with crap so I can check my score…

you’re welcome

Unlikely… It was Jesus that voted against you.

Eish! Sockpuppets ain’t what they used to be. :frowning:

And that, after I gave him karma. That’s gratitude for you. :’(

Then again the whole vetriloquist thing is to have the puppet hate on it’s master. A lot of routines end up just being that.

So I think the fourth wall is just being maintained.

And spend eternity with the Mormons? No thank you. :wink:

bluegray. You may have started an interesting social experiment.

Newbies (like me) could feel compelled to post lots of sh*t to reach the 500 mark (thanks for the figure, BM!) raising the issue of quantity vs quality. This post illustrates my point.

And those able to see the scores will now know who they need to bliksem.

He, he. This could be fun to watch…

Not so fast there boss. She’ll come round in time: