Skeptic events

I walked into a store with my daughter wearing jeans etc the other day when I felt a sharp tug at my trousers. This Muslim guy says to me with that look: “Do you know this is a Muslim store?” I turned to him and said “Shame man, I think there are pills to cure that” and carried on shopping. (wtf!!)

O-wow, I would’nt be able to resist rounding up my teenage son’s girlfriends, dress them up in skimpy outfits and go on a window shopping spree… Where’s this store? >:D

In Durban. The Westwood Shopping Mall near the Westville campus of the University is totally owned by Muslims…they forbid the sale of any alcohol; pork in the supermarkets (P&P etc) on the premises. Now I guess they have the right to do that but why do business owners not tell them to freck off? When I go into a shopping mall and I look for products in a normal outlet I want it! So you can go to Spurs in the mall, but no bacon, no beer/wine, all patties must be halaal (no pork mince in them) etc etc. I walked out of the Spur (we were 8 people) and told them to stick their frecking religion where the sun don’t shine!

I guess it’s legal to have conditions when you rent out space to somebody, but it seems very short-sighted if you want to attract more than one type of customer.

I would have serious issues if I was told how to behave or dress, however.

im unfortunately one of those ppl who just dont shut up. i would have sworn at him in languages his forefathers spoke. this is a free country. i will go where i will. dress any way i like. the fact that it is a public space, means that anybody can go there.
if they will only allow a certain dress code, then they should say so on the door, and then face the constitutional court.

To be nitpicky, although I’m not a lawyer, I don’t think a mall qualifies as a public space. It is a private space and they probably have “Right of admission reserved” posted on the door. Malls usually ban roller-blades and skateboards for example. It’s like a nightclub or a restaurant with a dress code, or a mosque where you’re required to remove your shoes.

that’s kinda weird then, coz i think, according to the smoking laws passed, you cant smoke in public places, malls for under that. but ja, i guess if they wanted to, they can tell you get stuffed.

I think, legally, there’s a difference between “public places” and “public property”. If you operate a business with customer access I think that counts as a “public place” while still being private property.

The smoking law is very detailed, specifying places like entrances to buildings, private homes used for childcare, cars transporting children younger than 12 and any place of employment as smoke-free.

In case of bombs? …or is that vests? :stuck_out_tongue:

My but Richard Dawkins was a rather dashing fellow in his youth.

Personally, I’m not crazy about the hair, but he does have a sense of style 8)

I have also visited the Sakkie Spangenberg/William Lane Craig debate at Tuks, but it was organized by a religious organization called and they made sure that their marketing and support was overwhelming enough to bring their own point across. I think we should try a more liberal university like Wits to host a skeptical debate. If Wits has a philosophy department, one of the lecturers there could be approached with a proposal.

A link to a debate that never happened. Also a litany of lies and misrepresentation!

LOL @ the froot-loop of a “pastor”. I have developed pastorphobia* - every person I have ever encountered who is designated a “pastor” is terminally moronic.

  • NOT to be confused with pastaphobia, which is heretical to the FSM.

EDIT. I wonder if TeleoPhroners is a pastor in real life.

Judging by the unadulterated drivel he is consistently capable of stitching together, I’d guess that he’s a few notches up from pastor in the god-squad hierarchy. My bet would be that he’s probably a lecturer in theology, perhaps even a professor, at some un- or barely accredited diploma mill offering online courses. That would also explain the extravagant amounts of time he spends online.


I suspect he’s a high school teacher…possibly in RE

I don’t know if it was discussed in these forums before, but what was your impression of the debate? Although I don’t agree with his views he is a legitimate great philosopher and master debater; a polar opposite to people like Gish and Hovind. Even if it was skewed, exposure to this type of rational, intelligent debate can only enlighten Christians and make them more tolerant.

It would be wonderful if we could host a skeptic event but which particular sucker field would top the agenda?

How about the SA skeptic forum launching a monthly/annual award for the biggest sucker or group of suckers reported in the news?

The certificate should have a big picture of a sucker fish and the logo “one born every minute” - P.T. Barnum. The person or the groups name and why they are the suckers of the month or year.

For the religious award I nominate the Rhema congregation for paying for Ray’s mansion and plane.

For the dying of stupidity I nominate the ANC voters with AIDs who got Manto Tshabala Msimang put in as Minister of Death. It would have to be a posthumous award to the 360 000 dead.

I agree with the ancient Greek who said that against stupidity even the God’s fight in vain.

William Lane Craig is an absolute brilliant debater, I wish we could convert him… I actually visited the session in the philosophy department the previous night and they told us that we had to visit the debate the next night. I was so frustrated because:

  1. Sakkie Spangenberg and Hansie Wolmerans’s (The new roformed movement) English is worse than mine and they struggled to bring their point across.
  2. Sakkie and Hansie didn’t answer the direct questions from William and the other wise ass that partnered with him which gave them the opportunity to make fun of Sakkie and Hansie.
  3. William and kie is trained and professional, while Sakkie and Hansie are just not there.
  4. 80% of the support was in favour of William and kie.
  5. I met more than 10 individuals there who are seriously religious and far right who was good acquaintances before I converted. It led to a couple of awkward and uncomfortable moments for me.

I agree that it was a tragically one-sided affair. But this is so often the case as the ability to debate is independent of one’s factual knowledge. Someone like Craig has the advantage of being at the top of his field (religious philosophy) as well as having decades of debating experience. Not many people would be able to challenge him.

I do have to question who chose Sakkie and Hansie though, as I’m sure there must have been other, more competent people available. Not that debating skills are high on the priority list of most academics, but couldn’t they at least prepare a bit and learn the basic rules of debate?

I wonder if Harris, Dennet or other high profile atheists came to our country (very unlikely) it would be easy to find theist debating opponents.