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I would like to compile a list of resources in South Africa on all things skeptical. Just post anything in this thread.

This is a great idea. This one isn’t in South African but I think it is a great read. Daniel Loxton’s What do I do next? (Leading skeptics discuss 105 different ways to promote science and advance skepticism) is a longer spin off project of his first article Where to we go from here?


Daniel Loxton is the Editor, Junior Skeptic magazine; staff writer, Skeptic magazine

thanks wandapec for a link to a great read. this passage from “Where do we go from here” just made my day

“My veterinarian sells homeopathic preparations with a straight face”


My cynical take on “where to from here” is to actively find all these woo woo things and publicly laugh and ridicule them. ;)My motto in life is shamelessly plagerised from nick cave, “people just ain’t no good”

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Although not SA, check it out.
I have just finished his ( Victor Stenger) book “Quantum Gods” A Very interesting tendency that I noticed is the spectrum of god worshippers: First,you get the fundamentalist creationist crowd. Secondly you get those who believe in evolution (Kenneth Miller-In Search of Darwin’s God) and a dedicated god. Thirdly,there are the heavily qualified scientists with a religious virus, admitting that god is not in the macro world - he is in the micro world (quantum mechanics). Funny how unsure they really are about the existence of a god; they cling, grasp and try just about everything new that comes from science’s discoveries to try and prove the existence of a creator/god. Victor Stenger, though,rips the carpet from under their feet!!


The School of Medicine of the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio offers a medical search engine called “SUMSearch” for public use.


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Check out

Though she has been a bit quiet of late due to preparing for her exams Xe’nedra has insightful views for a 12 year old.

An excellent synopsis: The Top 10 Reasons I Don’t Believe in God.


On the intellectual dishonesty of fundamentalists: A lesson from the past.