What’s the level of interest for a South African/African blog network, like Scienceblogs/FTB? Some of the more established folks might not want to move, of course, but this might be a good way of increasing visibility overall. is what I’ve imagined as the mission. Let me know if any other things seem worth saying there.

I don’t know what a blog network even IS; you’ll have to explain in more detail how it works. I already have a blog, but it is mostly for art. I have been thinking of moving the art to Flickr, seeing as it is all so visual, and then maybe using the blog for something else.

A suggestion: if we want to reach the public, we should not only focus on all the flimflam out there. We should also write something about the beauty of science, math and reason. And perhaps also about science in daily life: it’s not just something that happens in a lab. The laws of nature work everywhere, and it is amazing how much fun one can have with materials available in any average home.

Anyway, I may be interested, but as I say above, you’ll have to tell me a bit more.

The two examples I cite are and . A look at those, along with the “about” page I link to, should tell you all you need to know. (Your suggestion being pretty much exactly what some blogs on these sorts of networks typically do).

I still can’t quite work out how it works in practical terms. Do I just write on my blog, and then whatever I post is automatically also posted the skeptics blog (if my blog is linked to it, that is to say)?

The easiest (and default) functionality would be that interested people register a blog there. So (for example) your URL would be . Then you just blog as normal, yes, and your posts, along with every other blog that is on the network, appears on the front page and archives of the main site. People who want to follow the network can subscribe to that, or they could just subscribe to your (or someone else’s) blog.

Things like redirects or aggregation from other, existing blogs is possible, yes. But I’d only get to the more complex things like that at a later point.

The South African skeptical circle is very small and yet it took me years to find this place. We need to advertzise ourselves better and we need a central jump off point before we fragment ourselves any more.

I love the idea of skepticblogs, I just wonder how we can link all our different online efforts into a central launch point.

I agree. I’m not a writer but I can offer my skills as web developer if needed.

Sounds like a great idea, I have been wanting to get into blogging for a while now. I would happily contribute a weekly blog probably focusing on debunking pseudo science and the understanding of scientific method and topics(Evolution, big bang(not a fan but the evidence points to it so.), etc).