Skeptics Year End Event

If you’re interrested, vote, if not, or want to give a different idea… let us know

Wouldn’t mind a national get-together to meet everyone. How about somewhere central, like Cape Town? :wink:


Us country folk are feeling rather left out of these exciting plans…

Tricky… We could have separate country wide events and then conference call. hehe. Or Skype (although following Wors’ suggestion may be taking things too far) :smiley:

not to be a whiny bitch, but money is not my strongpoint at the moment (or ever), so flying/driving/teleporting to capetown is so out of the questions it defies gravity.

but… but… Cape Town is the center of the universe and stuff!!

but, but, … my passport has expired :’(

Gariep is relatively speaking central from CT and Jhb. Never mind that there is farkall growing there. The dam is pretty spectacular though, and they also sport the longest railway bridge in SA. Bethulie is next door, and THEY sport a jailhouse inside a private home with a police constable coming from Bloem once a week to cart any deviant drifters away, and the local Kerk Tannie feed them homemade food every day… Some truly weird characters living there.

We could all meet up in Orania
and then… take over the world!! ;D

I’m pretty sure between us geeks we can rustle up a few webcams and projectors, then we can have links set up between the venues. Just a matter of co-ordinating times then, and make sure that there is interwebz or at least decent 3G signal.

Gariep dam has my vote!


Dunno about Gariep dam. The locals might just decide that the Bethulie jailhouse is perfect for a bunch of rowdy skeptics. But then again, Kerk Tannies homemade food. Hmm, tough one.

Te ver as dit nie in Bronkies omgewing is nie en te arm, maar dit sou naais gewees het om almal te ontmoet.