So, so Sad....

How a series of events can spiral a young life away…

Pretoria - A victim of Cézanne Visser, 32, better known as Advocate Barbie, committed suicide in Botswana at the weekend.

The body of Jeannine du Plessis, 21, was found on Sunday morning in the Kgalagadi area, where she had hanged herself from a tree branch.

Fourie is the father of Jeannine's daughter, 15-month-old Micayla. Three weeks ago the child was placed in Jeannine's mother's care.

“Jeannine was addicted to heroin. Apparently she was trying to rehabilitate herself and was having terrible withdrawal symptoms. She was very depressed.”

According to her mother, Jeannine said she would never have started using drugs if she hadn’t been subjected to Visser and Prinsloo’s abuse.

“She even said in court that, if it hadn’t been for Cézanne’s actions, she would never have started taking drugs. It’s obvious that her suicide is a result of everything that happened to her.”

What a horrible short life she had, first placed in care because of whatever circumstances in her childhood, then being abused, no therapy to help her, drugs, early motherhood, and ultimately an untimely death… I feel so, so sad for this poor girl and others like her. We are all so fortunate to have the lives we do.

when i hear news like this, i get highly pissed off.
suzanne whatsherface, is going to sit in chookie maybe a year, then get out for good behaviour.
and continue living like a queen, coz u better believe she’s gonna write a book, and be on Noleen, and maybe Oprah. And have the movie right bought, etc etc.
these parents, are not going to have their daughter around, ever,again. and the baby, not know her mother. nice.

i am currently going through a tough as all hell divorce, from an abusive man. and, allthough from a completely different angle, i can relate.
one sick bastard, does what they please, and gets a rap on the knuckles for it. the victim is left behind, broken, without help. to try and figure out the shit on their own. and as much as anyone says ‘its all over, it wont happen again, fuck him, he’s an arsehole, etc, etc’. you are still stuck with the memories, the trust broken, and people arent really interrested in your story, cause they have their own shit to deal with.
i allmost ended up sticking my head in a gas-stove at some point. luckily my cats needed a mother, so i had to stick around.

victims of crime, in this country, are left with the rotten apples, while the criminal, if he is caught and prosecuted (big if a that), sits in chookie for a bit, gets fed with out tax money, sommer gets a nice education, leaves there with a diploma in some or other.
and the victim is left with scars that will never heal. scars that they have to try and live with, build healthy relationships around. build a career around. trust people again.
criminals are scoring, big time.
if i had a gun, i would go on a killing spree, offing these fuckers, cause our government doesnt give a hairy rat’s ass about the victims.
and im sure, this poor girl, was put through hell with questions from this bitch’s lawyers and the cops. surely she left there feeling like all of this was her fault, and she had no right to even be unhappy about what they did to her.

i would like to have an eye for an eye.

but im sure advocate barbie will meet herself a nice butch girlfriend named dolores on the inside, and have herself a super jolly time.

I will happily go on my knees and pray to the gods (any and all will do) that this is in her future.

Fuck, the uncounted cost of wrongdoing. Maybe that’s why hell was invented - a place for ordinary folks to get even. Things like this almost make you wish hell was real.