South African Skeptical Podcast?

Are there any South African skeptical podcasts out there? If not, why don’t we start one? It can’t be that difficult. I’ve been told I have a good radio voice, must be all the cigarettes and booze, so I’m willing to volunteer. Who else is keen?

Also, how about some name suggestions, here’s mine:

The Skeptic’s Guide to Africa


Angela has investigated starting a Podcast but I don’t know what the outcome was. Perhaps if you contact her and see what she has to say you might find that much of the work is already done.

I for one would love to listen to a local podcast. There you go, an audience of one so far. It really isn’t that hard if you have the time to dedicate to the project, and sharing the responsibilities with multiple hosts could make it even easier to run from week to week.


Thanks James, have sent off a message. Was Angela that nice young lady at the last Skeptics In The Pub? I must confess, portions of the evening are now somewhat hazy.

I can provide hosting if any is needed…

Thanks :slight_smile:

If it gets popular it could eat quite a bit of bandwidth though… You sure that’s OK?

Nah, that was my wife Heidi. Hands off! :wink:

Angela, the Skeptic Detective, co-founded SITP but now lives in Durban with her fiancé. (she played Cheepak Dopra in the God Idols series though:

OK, I remember now. No worries, will restrict myself to looking only. :wink:

Thanks for the link. Been wanting to watch those again.

Hey guys, so I have finally gotten around my not being able to login problem! I just made a new username :slight_smile:

I am still very much excited to do a SA skeptical podcast, and would be most happy to take bluegray up on the offer of hosting as that has been the one factor which has held me up thus far. I have internet access at the 'varsity but none at home and can’t afford it yet.

Bluegray, how much bandwidth would you be willing to donate?

Do any of you awesome skeptics have website-design experience?

And - Do any of you want to collaborate on the podcast? All talents and ideas are welcome!

Hi Angela, welcome back. :slight_smile:

Can you do Skype or some other VOIP at varsity?

I know some of the free web stuff like HTML and PHP.

I have quite a bit of bandwidth left over at the end of the month usually, I think we can give it a test run and see how much bandwidth is actually needed. From there we can always adapt if necessary…

Of course, I’ll offer any other help if needed, but I think I should stick to the technical side and leave the public (?) speaking to the pros :wink:

PS. Angela, did you try the forum password reset feature? Please let me know if you have any problems with it…