Star Wars marathon

after some general discussion with a mate of mine, i had done some homework, and it seems there is a cinema that can be booked out for private use.
so, we were contemplating, a Star Wars marathon, episode 4 - 6, all in one night.
would anyone here be keen to partake in something like this?

So like, how would the money work?

I know some people who tend to do this group thing where they book a skidpan for a day, and everyone ante’s up a share to pay it collectively. UNfortunately, without exception, some people pull out at the last minute, don’t pay their due, and the organiser guy is left with a heck of an excess to pay by himself.

I would be very careful if you wanna go that route.

im very much aware that people are epic assholes, so im going to try and see if i can get enough people interrested, then pay upfront, or maybe convince the cineman to run the ticketing end of things, if there is enough people interrested, then they could make a profit, instead of me paying for the venue, and asking for the ticket what the hell ever i like.

Sorry, newbie around here but I’ll try to keep the epic asshole-ness to a minimum. Depending on the location I’m most definitely interested so ja, count me in!

Also a showing of Star Wars 1-3 would be awesome at a later date (depending on success of 4-6 obviously)
Last comment, I assume this would be on a Friday/Saturday? My sorry old ass won’t survive something like this in mid-week.

there seems to be a very much divided stance on eps 1 - 3. i think a lot of the flavour got lost when miniatures, puppets and matte paintings got swopped for computer generated hog-wash. where eps 4- 6 were epic beyond imagining, and still is, eps 1- 3 were just like every glossy sci-fi kablooey that hollywood churns out. and can anakin be any less of a whiny little emo bitch?

the success (if at all) of this venture, could predict future showings of indiana jones, star strek, and the like. i believe it’s well needed, as the geek and nerd fraternity of gauteng are being neglected.

and yes, i would imagine the movie-nights to a saturday, since one would have to start at like 6pm to get all the flicks in, and still have a pee-brake inbetween.

I hear what you’re saying regarding 1-3 but for completeness sake and all that you know? :slight_smile:

Anyway, let’s concentrate on 4-6 for now!

P.S Pee-brake?

pee-break + pulling up the handbrake(?) lol ;D

I’m pretty sure there’s enough geeks in Gauteng to fill out a theatre. Sounds like a good idea. I would love to see the trilogy on the big screen, never saw it there, not even with the re-releases