Suffering through menopause

This is for the guys as much as for the ladies. Advice is VERY welcome.

I’ve now been told that my hormones is causing major havoc with my poor body. (No kidding, which is why I visited the quack in the first place). I’m losing teeth (which is fine the night before but crumbles to pieces on a slice of bread the next day), I’m having major skin trouble, my hair is all over the place and being plastered down with all sorts of remedies which obviously helps squat-all, my eyesight has gone for a loop and I’ve started doing that same thing my mother is when it comes to reading, moving the piece of paper further/closer to my face in order to focus, my nails are kept short because of the ridges that has formed the past few months and it splits right down into the flesh. In short, I’m feeling really, REALLY old right now.

The quack suggested the ritual spaying, but hell, I dont have any trouble with the workings thereof, its the hormones causing trouble with the rest of the body, and if the works are out, then I’m probably going to have to do the HRT anyway, so whats the point?

Some practical advice would help here, I’m rather emotionally drained and feeling blah about the state of my body.

My mom went to the doc and got pills (hormone supplements or some such thing) My sister (who was living in the house with my mom at the time the menopause hit) basically made my mom go to the doctor, because apparently she was impossible to live with. My sister reported that the pills helped. :-\

my mum got spayed, and they put her on hormone replacement therapy, seems to have done the trick. i think, that there is more to it than just hormones. did you have your thyroid checked, as far as i know, nails and hair are very much related to thyroid function.
and from a very, maybe stupid, viewpoint, excercise. i dragged my ass back on the road after three weeks of feeling like death. i kakked off, by i feel like a million bucks today.
i firmly believe, that when you push your body to work, to produce endorphins and what the hell else, you up your health naturally. even if you only go for a brisk stroll every day.

My general health is fine, I dont get sick, I’m within my weight range (barring a kg or two), and I enjoy running around like a headless chicken, so exercise is a ticked box too.

I really dont want to go the surgical route though… :frowning:

Fortunately I dont suffer from any mood swings, my memory is stuffed though, and I lately conduct conversations simultaneously in three languages, depending which language my brain presents a word to me at that moment of time. It makes for some interesting listening, and people pay attention to what I say lately! :smiley: (see! there’s always a positive if you dig deep enough!)

Maybe someone can refer to a good gynea in the Jhb area?

Another thought on the positive side:
I’m told that hot flushes raise one’s temp enough to kill off a lot of bugs which, if it’s true, would account for the fact that I haven’t had as much as a sniffle for a good year or so!

It’s quite a process, isn’t it? I loved it when my period finally stopped - yay! I have taken no medication. The symptoms seem to come and go and have lasted a few years now. The worst is seeing my mother when I look in the mirror, and sounding like her when I call my kids by the wrong name…
Hang in there, this too shall pass!

I’ve got news for you! Be glad you can still remember the kids’ names

and after this morning I now officially have gravel on/ ??? in my gallbladder as well. This according to the sonar. We’re awaiting the results on the blood tests in anticipation as well.


I cant wait for the period to stay away. Its been the bane of my life since I started at 11. At least its something to look forward to, although I have been supperessing it for the last couple years with that most wonderful of human inventions - the birth control pill.

good luck for the test results. sterkte!

I think nowadays they pulverise the gravel with sonar/lasers or something Good Luck…getting old is not for sissies!

Its apparently not too much of a concern at this point, it can be sorted out with the right diet, which I’ll collect this afternoon from the rooms.

Blood tests also in, I’m anaemic and the cholestrol is 6.3, so we’ll go munch on some steaks and spinach to sort out the former and ensure to cut the fat on the meat for the latter. He’s medicating the cholestrol as well - apparently its not rediculously high but high enough to need to monitor (I know squat all about it, will go google later).