The Mabus Case

Written by an old and dear friend of Dennis Markuze who has witnessed the full nature of persecution against someone who is different. In our modern society it has become a CRIME to believe in God.





Tim Farley vs Dennis Markuze


  1.     I am the person named in, and who subscribed, the AFFIDAVIT OF TRUTH dated the 3rd day of February, 2014
  2.     To the best of my knowledge and belief, the matters and facts in it are true.
  3.     Where matters specifically stated in it are made upon information and belief, I believe them to be true.



For over 40 years a man by the name of James Randi, founder of the James Randi Educational foundation (JREF), has challenged anyone to provide proof of the paranormal and that he would pay them $1,000,000 if they could. Hundreds have tried and all have failed the test.

We accepted the challenge.

Ever since I have been attacked, harassed, and targeted by atheists and skeptics from all over the world. They have made up lies and accusations against me. Threatened me and my family, and done whatever they can to silence me.

I plead guilty last time in court because I was under duress and did not really understand what was going on. The media ran a false story on me even before I was tried, disgracing me publicly. They were building an unlawful case against me even before I was heard.

I am a Christian being charged for my controversial ideas on religion and politics not for any offense. People have published and republished my work all over the internet. Online strangers thousands of kilometers away have misrepresented my words, fabricated threats to silence me, to have me arrested, to seize my property, to imprison me, to take away my rights. The charges laid on me are based on hearsay and conjecture and wish. These are subjective charges, and the only party that has really been injured has been me!

Farley doesn’t like what I have to say about him and his organization, the James Randi Foundation, an atheist group, of which he is a senior member. But most importantly he does not want the public to see how we won the paranormal prize, and is doing everything in his power to prevent us from revealing how we did it.

But here is how we won the paranormal challenge:

Apart from providing proof of the supernatural, my actual ideas center upon the utter waste of intelligence used in the ideology of atheism and the importance of peace and disarmament for the planet, and the terrible costs of war. My real words can be found here not the broken fragments they produce to use as lies to condemn me.

These claims of alleged harassment are unfounded and based on presumption, and I believe no evidence to the contrary and none exists.

AND I make this declaration conscientiously believing it to be true and knowing that it is of the same force and effect as if made under oath.

Mabus, Mabus, Mabus are you neglecting your meds and your Court Orders again? Naughty, naughty man, you! Writing in the third person, assuming another’s identity and all! Tut-tut, do we need to serenade you some more so that you may find peace?


we’ll find peace when we are VICTORIOUS

Metropolis / Halo (Depeche Mode) Goldfrapp

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Apart from the great director Fritz Lang, creator of the Dr.Mabuse

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Ok so this is the video I wanted to share, thought I leave it for later, but yeah the prize was taken ;D ;D ;D ;D
Seth Raphael claims Randi’s Million Dollar Challenge

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Randi and his dangerous paranormal games!

I was a bit confused here, so I had a look at some of Mefiante’s links. Seems maxstirner is a regular. But, I’m still confused as to what he is trying to promote. It could be religion, the paranormal, Depeche Mode, nihilism, anarchism or some combination of the above? A little bit of googling left me even more confused. I think I understand the reference to meds though :slight_smile:

Yes, Mabus is a troublesome troll, it’s like giving a baboon a packet of peanuts, only to find that it comes to steal your whole picnic with force…

This is just one of the Mabus threads

More on Mabus/Markuze here.


Yes. And he creates a new user account with a new name every time he surfaces. In contrast, the hateful drivel he spouts always remains the same.


Live Million Dollar Challenge - TAM 2013

Would “remote viewing” 500 years in to the future be considered “proof” of paranormal powers? SCOFF!

Adorno about Popular Music (now with english annotation)

Adorno even your great genius got things sometimes WRONG!

Yes, and on that Teutonically discordant note :stuck_out_tongue:

Sex Bomb by Flipper (1982)



  1. What made you interested in JREF specifically, rather than other skeptics or debunkers active at the time?

The JREF, and especially the Amazing Meetings, acted as a training ground for producing a fresh breed of highly intelligent and aggressive atheists and skeptics, so it was natural that we had to focus our ideological attacks upon them. The Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge was used as a battering ram against so called “paranormal powers,” and it was a weapon that had to be smashed before it destroyed every last “paranormal” phenomenon in the universe.
James Randi preaches a militant and intolerant form of neo-fascism that masquerades as science and rationality. This new scientific totalitarianism is just as extreme as the religious fundamentalism it aims to eradicate, if not more so. This radical scientific intolerance aims at throwing in to the fire millennia of religious belief. Political correctness is the mask they use to destroy, annihilate, and eradicate the last vestiges of religious belief in the modern age. To destroy myth, mystery, and the religious was the open and aggressive agenda of the “new atheism,” and it was to be substituted with apparently certain scientific knowledge. Scientific control of nature would lead to the scientific control of man. This world-view reduces everything to calculable and controllable numbers or scientific symbols, and if phenomena could not be translated in to this math language, they were abandoned or destroyed. Capitalism did exactly the same thing. What was taking place in the ideological sphere was also occurring simultaneously in the economic sphere, as Marx predicted it would. Capitalism reduces everything to a $$$ sign, to an exchange value, and man finds his identity by how much money he makes living in this system. Unity is achieved by forcefully eradicating difference, the fascist method of solving problems; and science was used as the main weapon in this totalitarian assimilation. The JREF was aiming to create a barren desert wasteland that would only be populated by scientific artifacts; much like capitalism was aiming at imposing a dollar sign on everything. The JREF represents the ideological defence of the capitalist system.

People have been blind to this rapidly spreading atheist sub-culture taking place on the internet. It is highly organized, tightly knit, and militant against so-called “pseudoscience.” They have the audacity to claim that God does not exist and get away with it unchallenged. No one is standing up against this threat to the Absolute.
Our new science overlords are to dictate to us what is real and what isn’t, and we must obey or face serious consequences. They are smarter than the rest of us and know what is good for us. They are a little too clever for themselves, and have the arrogance to mock the beliefs of the common man. A real democracy is tolerant of all views, it is inclusive and tolerant. Their scientific totalitarianism was the very real and concrete negation of democracy.

I had to do whatever was in my ever was in my power to combat what I saw as a vicious and deceptive ideology, namely, atheism.
2) How have you gone about beating the million dollar challenge? Do you have an experiment or demonstration to show people? Can you describe it?

For over 40 years a man by the name of James Randi, founder of the James Randi Educational foundation (JREF), has challenged anyone to provide proof of the paranormal and that he would pay them $1,000,000 if they could. Hundreds have tried and all have failed the test.


How we won the paranormal challenge can be found here:

So by using science and technology we are going to prove the existence of the paranormal. But this is not a lab experiment but takes place under real-life conditions.

James Randi published a hateful and defaming book about Nostradamus called “The Mask of Nostradamus.” Basically Randi sets out to prove that Nostradamus was a fraud and that his writings are so vague and unspecific that they can be made to mean almost anything.

But we set out by using a few quatrains to disprove this vicious book of Randi’s. Nostradamus predicting the future with pin-point accuracy 500 years in advance would obviously constitute itself as “paranormal powers.” The only reception I received from the JREF when I presented this claim was from James Randi himself when he told me that a “child must of hijacked my computer.” His contempt has no limits. Apart from that, the JREF have done everything in their power to discredit me, to make me appear as a drug-addicted psychopath who spews out hate and death-threats at an incessant rate. This is the character assassination the JREF love to engage in because they can get away with it under the guise of political correctness. It is true I have experimented with drugs, but I have been 99% totally clean and sober for the last 7 years.
The JREF could never accept that Nostradamus was a genuine prophet because any proof of the paranormal would not only put an end to the million dollar paranormal challenge but would also mark the end of the JREF organization, because its entire credibility and message rests upon the challenge. Paying the money would bankrupt the organization, so they must do whatever it takes to survive, even if that means twisting and distorting the truth to save themselves. If they could discredit me then they could discredit my message, and this being the tactics of the JREF and its fellows.

  1. You’re famous for talking about Nostradamus in your messages. When did you first learn about Nostradamus and his predictions, and what do you find so fascinating about them?

This is an interesting question. I remember pulling from the library while I was high school an edition of the Prophecies. Somehow I knew that Depeche Mode was going to be referenced inside. I just knew it. I told one my friends at the time what I thought and he said I was crazy. But we were sitting outside smoking some hash in the yard and I was flipping through the pages until we hit Century VIII, Quatrain 66 which says, “When the letters D.M. are found …” He looked at me in amazement and said, “You’re right!”

Nostradamus is for those who love the mysterious and the fantastic, for those who are bored with mundane everyday existence. The legends that surround his name are numerous. I think I contributed in preserving his legacy and name for a long time to come.

  1. What are your religious and political beliefs, and when did they emerge?
    My religious and political views are fusion of Marxism, Freudianism, and Christianity, a seemingly impossible combination. However, there is a happy marriage between them because they all share in the belief and practice of the liberation of man from intolerable physical and psychological conditions, and ultimately are united in their conception of the Promised Land. Although to answer these questions here would take too long I want to mention a few things about my core political beliefs. They center upon utter waste of intelligence used in the ideology of atheism, the destructiveness of capitalism, the importance of peace and disarmament for the planet, and the terrible costs of war. All this can be found in my storify link.

My first religious experience occurred at around the age of six. I experienced a phenomenon called astral projection. While asleep I was able to leave my body and look down upon myself sleeping. It was as if my body and soul were two complete different entities. Since then I have had numerous religious experiences, many of which are personal, and far too many to list or explain here.

  1. How much of your daily life is devoted to your cause? Can you describe your day-to-day activities? What kind of work do you do? Have you made personal sacrifices in pursuit of your goal?

My day to day activities have been the same more or less for the last 20 years: shipping and selling used computers and monitors by the container load to so-called “backward” countries. One may ask how can someone who rants and raves about the destructiveness of science and technology work in the field? But I guess you need to work in the field to really experience it. One needs only to look and see how computers have been used for the total control of human life, in both the private and public spheres. NSA revelations of spying upon the entire American people were made possible thanks to computers. To Marx science and technology were the great liberators of human kind, but it was their destructive and repressive use under the capitalist mode of production that made them in to instruments of enslavement and control. Their great potential to liberate man from the violence of raw brutal nature is not to be minimized, but capitalism squanders this great potential in an never ending cycle of wars (i.e., imperialism), unnecessary gadgets, waste, manipulation of conscious and subconscious processes for commercial and political processes (i.e., advertising and the beauty industry). This inflicts great harm upon the human species, both in its physical and spiritual dimensions. The repressive capitalist system has created the material prerequisites for its liquidation, and for its replacement by an authentic socialist society. What we are witnessing is what Theodor Adorno called the totally “administered life,” one of complete technological and scientific domination of man under capitalism. The benefits of the Enlightenment turn in to their opposite, creating further fear and destruction, leading to the total integration of opposites and creating a society without opposition. As humans we have to fight for freedom even under the most adverse conditions. So my campaign has taken a lot from me, and I have had to make many sacrifices. I have suffered incarceration, slander, ridicule, public disgrace, and harassment from my enemies and critics. They are still pursuing me to this very day.

  1. Do you regret any of the actions that led to your arrest? Will it lead you to change the way you campaign in future?

Finally. Yes, I do. To start I want sincerely from the depths of my heart apologize to Tim Farley and hope to make peace with him despite all the animosity that has existed between us. Several years ago I said certain things I should have never said, words that were totally inappropriate, inexcusable, and looking back I can see how they could affect someone in a really negative way. I think many people were affected, but Tim Farley the most. But at that time I was in a dirty war with skeptics who are constantly attacking one form of so-called pseudoscience or another, attacking the fundamental rights of people to believe whatever they want without outside interference, even if these beliefs were harmful or hurtful. This was not a battle of weapons but a war of ideas. I never had the intention meant to hurt him in any shape or form - that was not the point. I erroneously believed shock tactics would wake people to the Truth. The internet is a brutal place and you need a thick skin to survive on it. Tim Farley also published nasty commentary on me on his TAM blog and forum, always after my arrests. These are used all the time by my critics. They focus on the threats and not on the underlying message, which is that Nostradamus was one of the greatest writers of all time, and the only man capable of predicting the future with such stunning accuracy. The nasty blog posts drove me to engage in an ad hominems attack in rebuttal to his lengthy character assassinations on me, and on my storify page by I call him a “nightmare of the one-dimensional man.” This is unfair and untrue, but the potential is there if he continues with his aggressive skeptical activities. Anyways, I am retired from debating skeptics; it just goes nowhere if they can’t see the simple truth. No longer will I post on the topic and I expect that others stop posting on me, likewise. However this is necessarily contingent upon my critics in that they cease desist from harassing and persecuting me online and in real life, otherwise I would be forced back to my computer to defend my name against further slander and lies. We wish Farley all the best with his dog Blue (I have a dog that looks exactly the same!), and from what I hear, congratulations on his recent engagement. We must settle things like men, make amends for personal differences and human errors, and forgive - for we are all tainted by sin. The courts and the police are not the place to resolve ideological differences between real men. From all the hateful messages I have received from skeptics and atheists over the years, only a single nice one arrived, and it was from Tim Farley, wishing me and my family a happy holidays. Anyhow, I wish him a happy and healthy future with his family. I want to move on with my life and I wish the same to him. I want to end on peaceful and friendly terms with him despite all the fireworks of the past.

“If you forgive those who sin against you, your heavenly Father will forgive you. But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins. (NLT, Matthew 6:14-15)”

for we are all tainted by sin
No I'm not....sinning is the preserve of those who believe in a god.

Sin, indeed.

What’s equally sinful is the assumption that this flimsy third-person charade is not entirely transparent. Ridiculous.



Markuze is only responding to a challenge initiated by skeptics themselves.