The physics of homeopathy explained

I am sorry in advance if this gives you a headache! :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a good article about this on Science-Based Medicine:

A Science Lesson from a Homeopath and Behavioral Optometrist

Oh man!!!

What can you really say about this?

I’ve been spending time watching creationist videos and though that no-one would be able to screw science up as must as they do, but I have now been proven wrong.

Very, very sad.

So the energy and mass duality
explains our health and vitality
through Hawking strings
and essential things
and a drop of diluted reality


Saw this at the JREF a few days back. What a blissfully ignorant kook is “Dr.” Werner. Pity she’s in a position to infect others with her variety of mental deficiency. Would it help to dilute her homeopathically?

Physics of homeopathy //physics behind homeopathy //physics behind homeopathy

The only thing those links prove is how naïve (or maybe disdainful) homoeopaths are of the most basic physics. Two similar waves that are in phase reinforce one another; they do not cancel out. The first diagram on the first link’s page already gets it completely wrong, confusing constructive and destructive interference. That’s quite apart from (a) the fact that the whole wave thingy has no basis in any medical science (Hahnemann himself never spoke of it, did he?), and (b) the fact that it’s a homoeopathic straw man (i.e. a 24C dilution of dried grass) that conventional medicine treats disease by “opposites.” The only reason homoeopaths speak of “waves” and “vibrations” and “harmonics” and such is because it sounds weighty and resonates (no pun intended) with their own and their supporters’ imaginations.

The second link invokes the scientifically discredited idea of “water memory.” Real physicists, when they are not chuckling about it, just ask for the evidence. It’s homoeopaths and other poorly educated people who think it’s mysterious that water should form similar crystal structures when subjected to similar pressure regimes during freezing. The only mysterious thing is how the woo-woos fail to learn anything from it and keep repeating the same undiluted pseudoscience. (Note: Homoeopathy calls for a single and highly diluted treatment.)


John Benneth explains how homeopathy works I find it particularly amusing that some homeopaths blindly link to this sort of thing.

John Benneth has an irritating demagogic manner, but perhaps the most disturbing part of that video clip is that he entirely misses the stunningly obvious conclusion that if even just one of his several physical claims about homoeopathic preparations was true, it would provide an easy way of distinguishing a genuine homoeopathic preparation from a blind mock-up. Among other techniques, the method could involve identifying telltale clathrate hydrates, radioactivity ( :o ) or the emission of electromagnetic signals from the nostrum.

If Benneth can actually do this, the JREF million is his.


Identification of remedies

  1. Dr. Devender Kumar: by measuring the physiological variability in human body
  1. DocQuack: Nuclear Spectroscopy
  1. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) (originally by Dr. Milgrom)

How about you put your money where your mouth is? If in a double-blind test you can reliably distinguish, using whatever fair physical means you choose, a 30X homoeopathic preparation of, say, arnica from among twenty samples, nineteen of which are mock-ups, you will win yourself US $1,000,000.00. “Reliably” in this context means that you need to do it successfully seven times without any misses.


In fact there are more challanges than this one // 2.15 million dollar challenge to conventional physicians , // 10 thousand dollar challenge to pharmaceuticals //randi backs out from the challange

How does the existence of counterchallenges absolve you (or any other homoeopath) from delivering some actual evidence? How is your mentioning them not an attempt to avoid taking the challenge?

The test I suggested should not be hard to pass, given those last few posts of yours in which it is intimated how easy it would be to distinguish a homoeopathic preparation from a mock-up.