The Rat in London

The Queen to have lunch with insane criminal.

good one, couldnt have said it better myself.

Supposedly a joke, but really much more accurate reporting than the BBC.

The poep has an amazing wardrobe. I wonder if Ratzie dolls will be popular with girls.

Too scary, I reckon. They’d have to come standard with a plastic surgery kit. Or you could make a less scary version by soaking a Cabbage Patch doll in German vinegar to get a Sauerkraut doll…


My favorite parts:

But Mr Ratzinger’s arrival was overshadowed last night after one of his best friends described Britain as both a ‘third world country’ and a society with a frighteningly high number of people who can read and think.
Wouldn’t mind if the day arrives when we can use this description for SA.

"So yes, in that sense Britain is like a third world country, the key difference being that thousands of people aren't dying of AIDS every day because some mad old fucker in a pointy hat told them that johnny bags are made by Lucifer."
:D Hilariously well put!