The Real Tony Blair

So after nosing around I have decided to post.In a similar line of thought to The Vulcan’s FW de Klerk thread I wanted to kickstart something similar regarding Blair. I realise some may regard this has old hat and no longer relevant but would like to throw it out there all the same. I always regarded Blair as a fairly liberal balance kind of guy, boy did I get that wrong. His loss of popularity not for the Iraq war not withstanding he seems to have come out of the closet s to speak (that may just be my perception). The below makes for interesting/bizarre reading. I am particularly interested in his claim that “Religious belief protects people from doctrines that put people in second place to political objectives” Yet religion encourages people to attack one another for the slightest differences but as long as people are protected from political manipulation that is all that is relevant ? (wtf!!) This is also a guy that wanted to end speeches with god bless Britain ? Apparently he converted to catholicism after peeving the catholics off for gay equality regulations, & liberal abortion beliefs, so who is the bigger hypocrite here the catholic church for accepting someone who has violated their belief system or Blair for maintaining catholic unfriendly belief systems & then converts (I am assuming he hasn’t abandoned them). They both seem to seal off their rather substantial differences which suggests selective thinking ?
In addition Blair had entered into agreements in 2002 with creationist schools & has defended as creationist nonsense taught as fact.’s/1389355/.HTML last link happily shows a sensible end to the issue but is a scary reminder how close even a secular nation like the UK can be pushed by fundies.

Any comments, insight etc is appreciated so fire away fellow skeptics.

From what I have heard, Blair is a complete loon, who has also dabbled extensively in New Age beliefs. I don’t have any details. I never pay attention to anything any politicians say. They are more or less by definition lying. Whenever they’re not stealing.


It is not that surprising any more in hindsight. It is just disturbing holding secret meeting with fundies about allowing their belief systems in classrooms as science. The deviousness exceeds that of the standard politicians & lets not get started on wanting to end speeches with god bless the UK. The degree of self righteousness combined with deviousness is disturbing.

This is equivalent to God save the queen or Nkosi sikelel’ iafrika.

I watched the F1 “pre-game” show this w/e and was stunned by a driver boasting on about asking god for help before they start (He didn’t win). Then I saw the same thing happening on ‘Idol’. Man, god is just on everyone’s side in every conflict, no matter how minor. He can’t lose!

God must be very much the sports enthusiast. I played hockey in high school, and God was regularly asked, during the pre-game huddle-and-prayer procedure, to let the best team win. Our team was very accommodating to the visitors in that way: we wouldn’t have dreamed of hogging all of God’s efforts for ourselves. I must add, however, that God came through swimmingly: almost without exception the best team did win.


O my gosh - I’ve told this story before! I’m turning into my granny.