The stress of change

The last nine months in my working environment has been probably the most challenging in my career. With a fundy, hormonal boss and my outspoken nature, I’ve been making quite a few career-limiting observations. Well, I’ve now secured another position within the organisation, a move I might well regret due to the issues within the area I’m moving to, but damn, I’m at the point where the devil I dont know appear appealing.

I’ve been musing “change” over the weekend, and came to a rather suprising conclusion regarding my nerves about this move, its not GOING there that bothers me, its the 4 weeks of having to remain in my current post that’s causing the butterflies. The new job is full of little (and big) mountains and potholes all over the place, but they’re obvious and developing a strategy to fix it wont be a problem, and I’m seriously looking forward to it, but damn… four bloody weeks of waiting lies ahead, and its frustrating to say the least. I hate the plodding along until the event transpires - I recall feeling the same with my divorce, wanting the end result now, its the waiting and the playing the game until then that stresses me out.

How do you manage change and the stresses that accompany it? What is your relief valve to help blowing off steam?

There are ways and means. One is to keep a low profile and beaver on until the time is over. On the other hand you can take whatever positives are to be learned from the last 9 months and use them to convey a positive image of the section you’re currently in (quite a challenge possibly). Seeing you’re staying in the same organisation, it’s usually not a good idea to burn down any bridges…you may find the new position untenable as well. I’ve always felt that when one is faced with these types of challenges you have four options:

  1. Get out
  2. Status quo
  3. Find a position in the same organisation that offers growth and job challenges
  4. Move sideways to another position with a better climate/boss etc.

Relief valve? Try a punching bag with the boss’ face on it… (wtf!!) this is a difficult one but as corny as it may sound, try to make yourself totally indispensable by going the extra mile in the face of all the shit; the reward may be the looks on his/her face when you leave. ???

Its really hard to stay motivated in one position when you know you are moving to another. Its almost like your brain has already made the shift, but your bum is still sitting in the same old uncomfortable chair. My sympathies, Faerie, and good luck to you for the time ahead. Good luck in the new position as well - may it be challenging and exciting and all that good stuff ;D

When it comes to dealing with stress experienced as a result of change, I generally don’t experience it as negative stress at all - I love the change, because its new, and I was probably on some level bored with the old stuff anyways. Dealing with the stress caused by being ‘in limbo’ (ie, the change has not yet transpired, but you know its going to and you’re just treading water 'till then) is awful. The only way to deal with it, I suppose, is to keep as busy as possible with whatever you can. Nothing makes the time drag like being bored…

As for blowing off steam… That would most likely have nothing to do with anything even resembling work (actual work, work people, anywhere near where my office is, even the colour of our logo is out…) I enjoy running, personally - just the silliness of running as fast as you can without any real reason for it clears my head I guess… :-\