This forum is whacked! Serious bugs galore.

Dunno what the problem is, but this forum is acting as if it’s straight from a twilight zone episode.

Posts get ignored, then get shuffled, then they disappear again and reappear later in the totally wrong spot. It’s almost as if somebody is deliberately messing with it.

I know it’s a schlep, but I can highly recommend vBulletin instead of SMF.

I’m investigating. Didn’t change anything and no errors in the log, so hopefully it’s just a small server bug that will sort itself out. Will try to keep you updated…

aha - just a glitch in the matrix eh?

EDIT: perhaps the edit function? This is of course a test… :slight_smile:

then again maybe not - or the glitch has been fixed!

I, too posted a thread about this earlier this morning… when I returned the thread was gone… :-\

Looks like it was a temporary problem - probably database connection related. I don’t see any problems now, but please let me know if it starts acting up again. Hope nothing valuable was lost… seems to be mainly the off topic crap in atheist kid thread that was affected. Maybe a higher power intervened :wink:
Swear it wasn’t me :stuck_out_tongue:

PS. @Gogtjop
SMF was working fine till you arrived - are you sure you’re not sending some anti SMF vBulletin vibes ;D

oops, a few posts in the is-atheism-a-belief thread got lost too :frowning:

Hehehehe. I do like causing kak. :wink: