This is so cool!

Wish I could see it first-hand!

Go check out these on google:

We see these effects often here in the Cape, expecially when there are SW winds. The clouds are orographic–caused by the air being forced to rise when it encounters the terrain, then descending again on the other side. The rising air cools adiabatically, the moisture it contains condenses when the temperature reaches dew point, then the air warms again as it descends and the moisture evaporates again. Very funky cloud effects.

Nice. For enthusiasts …

With no less that 56 South African members, nogal.

With the municipal elections coming up, there is also a lot more hot air around Table Mountain.

I love weird natural occurances, my greatest aspiration is to see the aurora Borealis,
(Really, how COOL is that???)

and second on my list is a month long raft tour down the Amazon river, I want to see all those goggas and creatures in their natural environment.

The Cloud Appreciation Society was founded by Gavin Pretor-Pinney. I recently read his The Cloudspotter’s Guide, which contains the classification of the various types of clouds, with the hardcore technical facts dispersed among mythology and humorous interludes. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but if you are interested in clouds, try it.

mind officially blown

Very Cool!