Three skeptics in the SA Blog Awards Final

Good news! Three skeptics - me, Angela and Jacques Rousseau - have made it to the finals of the SA Blog Awards! I’ve put details on my blag: Ionian Enchantment: SA Blog Awards Finals...

Please vote. Guys? Guys?

Only a couple of days left… cough

The JZ faction paid lotsa money for each vote at the Pietersburg comference. Votes were confirmed with Cellphone pictures. Here is text proof that I have voted:

"Finally, remember you can vote once more after 24 hours.

Your votes were as follows:

The Best Post on a South African Blog:

The Best Science and Technology Blog:"

Please send the cash asap or give me a well paid job when you win.

lol… thanks!

Erm… how about “other favours”? I’m right out of cash ATM…

This is the kind of job I want - I think I can then say that I am overpaid and underworked.

er… if i dont rock up at work for one, single day, my ass is fired so quick i will be spinning for days.
goddamnit, im obviously working in the wrong sector.

Ok wait, am I mathing badly?

The article claims mr. Bula makes “nearly R1m” per year. THEN says he gets “R36000” a month. Allow me to calculate here for a sec:

R36000 * 12months = R432000

That is a naaice salary for doing nothing, but it’s half of their claimed “R936000”…

The article says that R936,000.00 is what Bula “earned” for two years’ idleness. At R36,000.00 per month, that’s exactly 26 months’ salary, i.e. two years and two months, so the figures do gee out.


None of us made it, alas. Thanks to all of those who voted for us though!