To-do Lists

During my annual clean-up during my year-end leave, I stumbled across my S/O’s to-do note book, and feeling tired I plonked myself down to see what he’s planning, I came across a page which had me in stiches.

I was planning to build a scratching post for the cats (didnt get around to it though) during my break and spoke about it at length prior to the holidays, my man promised to get me all the necessary things to create the thing, this is his list:

  1. Get wooden base for pole
  2. Screws or something to keep it steady
  3. Measure length of rope required
  4. Nails/screws/glue to fix rope
  5. Give to Faerie, stand back and watch (Gie-Gie)
  6. Build the f*cking thing for her
  7. Watch how the cats walk rings around the thing for a week and f*ck everything around it up
  8. Get pepper for the couch since they prefer to sharpen their nails on that anyway.


He sounds like a practical and realistic soul. 8)