UFO letter

My new Popular Mechanics magazine arrived today and a letter caught my eye. Last month there was an article on ufo’s but the letter was about a (now deceased) lady who “had a love affair with a alien” (don’t ask me why I buy this mag) and had many encounters with ufo’s. As proof that this is true the writer mention that this lady had some enquiries from some governments. But what made it for me is that one of the government’s mentioned in this is the Vatican! Were they looking into the opposition or what? Maybe they need something a bit more up to date?

Just got my issue of the latest PM magazine today too and saw the letters Tweefo mentioned. I remember listening to an interview with Elizabeth Klarer years ago on 702, (I think- it was a long time ago), in which she discussed her encounters with a tall, handsome, blonde, blue eyed man from the planet Meton. According to Klarer, this affair happened over a period of a few years. She also said that she fell pregnant during one of her encounters with the alien, but that he took the child away from her - I can’t remember if it was a baby or a young child when the alien was supposed to have taken the child away. What struck me about the interview was that Klarer came across as someone who had created a fantasy world to which she used to go to to escape reality, and ended up staying there. I thought she was totally out of touch with reality; everything about the aliens and their home planet was perfect, too perfect to be true. I felt sorry for her - she seemed lonely.

The letter writer mentions that Klarer had a diploma in meteorology and was licensed to fly a light aircraft as evidence of her sanity, saying that because of these qualifications she wasn’t eccentric.

The second letter writer mentions governments, astronauts and members of the vatican taking UFO stories seriously - which, as we know, doesn’t mean that Extraterrestrial UFOs exist. He ends his letter by saying:

"Disbelief in UFOs is for the uneducated and/of fearful, but not for readers of PM."
While I agree that our universe is vast and that we may not be alone in it, I doubt very much that we have been visited by ETs. I find it difficult to believe that a civilization capable of travelling across the universe would land here on Earth to insert anal probes, brain probes , or any other probe into unwitting Americans - it always seems to be Americans that are favoured - they would know in advance just what human beings are capable of by listening to our radio transmissions. Surely such an advanced civilization would make a grand entrance and make themselves known to all on this planet, not to just a select few who happen to be wearing tin foil hats?

H’mph. I stopped buying PM years ago. And this article sounds like a prime example of why. In general they seem to emphasise the “Popular” part at the expense of the “Mechanics” part.

And their coverage of military technology is particularly pathetic. They basically re-print the manufacturer’s brochure, with some pretty pictures of their own. Now I like death-tech as much as the next psychopath, but it really annoys me when an article displays no skeptical viewpoints at all, instead it just acts as a free advertisement.

Unfortunately most SA magazines are like that. especially the gadget and computer ones. Product “reviews” in these are often short blurbs punting the device with a price tag and a phone number you can call to order.

This “original” content is then dispersed between full page advertisements. Yay!