Urine therapy

You know, there are days when you end-up four clicks away from something that you were interested in and you stop half way through reading the article to say “how the hell did I end-up here?” Today was one of those days. I had never heard of urine therapy until this evening. After the initial laughter at the absurdity of it all you soon realise that these people are serious.

Look, I’m not afraid of urine. It is well known that urine is sterile and cannot contain disease-causing bacteria or viruses (except minute traces in the chronically ill) so I’m not saying that it is going to harm you but I have to ask why you would want to endure (what I imagine to be) that vile taste for no discernible benefit?

I doubt that we will find any South Africans defending this woo as it is mostly practised in Southern~ and Eastern Asia (although Manto may be interested to learn that it has been demonstrated as a cure for AIDS - see below). It has made some inroads into Western culture via eastern teachings like Taoism. The Universal Tao webpage on urine therapy is quite long and badly written, but contains serious challenges to modern medicine such as the following …

Okay, we all know this is anecdotal evidence and also demonstrates everything wrong with alternative healing; when the patient does eventually die, blame the patient’s adherence to the protocol as the cause. Oh! And this Tao teacher has found the first AIDS patient to relapse! The rest of us know that HIV/AIDS is a managed disease (i.e. you never “get better” but you live in a way to prevent secondary infections from killing you). He probably has Cancer and AIDS confused, but this is a general problem again because they have no concept of mutated cells and viral infections - to them it’s all “unbalanced chi” anyway. There are also numerous claims of curing Cancer on this same page.

There are times when the advice is bordering on the dangerous…

Where is this “new research”? I must disagree that this should even be considered because most medication has an effect on the urine that you expel. It may range from the harmless million-to-one shot of reinfecting yourself (if you are already taking medication you are probably treating an illness so it is possible, if this is a severe or chronic condition, that some unsterilised disease-causing agents may be passed in the urine) to the very real danger of post-activation drug remnants.

But, luckily for me, I can start urine therapy immediately without thinking twice. How you ask? Quite simply be preparing a homoeopathic preparation from my own urine! What excellent news, I don’t have to drink any of it to gain the benefits!! This wonderful discovery by Dr. Nancy Dunne indicates that the homoeopathic preparation takes nothing away from the auto-urine therapy process.

Yeah, it certainly will help with my extreme sensitivity to awful tastes! But this is contrary to the “like cures like” mantra of homoeopathy, surely I should be taking the opposite of urine? Anybody have any suggestions of what that might be? Water maybe? If so, what do I dilute it in?

I did find a rather tenuous link to South African in all this … a rather old IOL article on the subject here. This article highlights another trick of the Alternative Medicine crowd …


It just goes to show that much like the six degrees of Kevin Bacon, woo-woo and flummery is only six clicks away on the Internet.

But what affliction would a homoeopathic dilution of one’s own urine actually cure? If “like cures like,” then would it be queasiness? Or jaundice? Incontinence?


I’ll stick too using Smarties as my placebo of preference thank you very much. At least they taste good.

I vaguely remember lisitening to a talk on 702 about this and there was a representative from a South African group who ascribed to urine therapy. I’m not sure if this group still exists, but I’d also have Smarties as my choice of poison, ;D
It can’t be all that good for you and I found this on wiki:- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urophagia

Hmm, good to know ::slight_smile:
Before trying this - drinking diet coke - good. Eating asparagus, not so good :wink:
The section on survival is actually more useful…

Well put, but can you honestly say you’ve never tasted just a hint of surprising (not vile) acidity whilst engaged in…
… forget it.

Urine is a good skin toner. Some lemur (or is it a bush baby?) uses it to tone the palms of it “hands”. Also good for disinfecting your feet. Boric acid is better, but if not available…

Oh, and if no other aqueous fluids are available, supposedly, for rinsing spitting cobra venom from someone’s eye. I did it once, and the victim didn’t stop screaming with pain for at least another 5 minutes. Without the benefit of a control subject, I cannot attest to the efficacy of this treatment.

I would think that getting spit on by a cobra is bad enough already without someone pissing in your eyes as well… ok, I think I crossed some line now ;D