Venus, Jupiter & Moon

Venus and Jupiter have been moving closer to each other now for weeks. Every evening you can see it and on Sunday they are going to be really close together - a planetary conjunction. On Monday they will have moved a little away again but a crescent Moon is going to join them. This is going to be a really nice sight (clouds permitting of course)

Keeping my eye out, should be clear skies :wink:
Some screenshots from Stellarium

This is a big .gif animation (might have problems viewing it on a slow computer)

Thanks for the info. Hopefully, the clouds clear for a bit so I can get a look.

I SMS a friend. She went out, had a look and phoned me in a fright. “This must mean something!” ??? Can’t we just enjoy a nice sight?

Wow. Such a magnificent view of the Trinity with the clear skies we have here. So lucky.

Very cool, thanks for the heads-up. :slight_smile: I’ll be letting some friends know, it makes me look clever 'n stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Check out the Venus/Jupiter pics from

The attached diagram is also from psychohistorian’s site.
You can get a better idea of the distances involved :wink: