Water on Mars

It is now confirmed that there is water on Mars. http://www.richarddawkins.net/news_articles/2013/9/27/-nasa-s-curiosity-rover-finds-water-in-martian-soil “Dirt sample reveals two pints of liquid water per cubic feet”. How does that compere to Earth? This makes it easier to send humans to Mars, but I still think that is just a dream. Not in our lifetimes anyway, but I must add that I had a school textbook in Gr4 (Standard 2 back then) that said that humans will never be able to go to the Moon.

School textbooks are highly reliable resources if you know how to use them: if they say something, just assume the opposite to be true. :slight_smile:

Have to say though, barring technology we cannot even imagine, I don’t really see how humans will ever get to Mars. It’s just too expensive. I do look forward to plenty more robotic craft though.

I didn’t say you could come back.

I do not trust this whole thing. Smells like “Big Brother” to me - a media event, there for entertainment. Those people are going be fried by solar radiation even before they get to Mars.

If Mars One ever does get off the ground, it will be big media indeed, because we’ll get to see the colonists slowly asphyxiating on Mars, unable to come back and unable to keep oxygen levels high.

If memory serves, in that Biosphere II experiment they ran a decade or two ago, they eventually had to open up before a year had past because their atmosphere got screwed up. Don’t know if they ever managed to work out why exactly.

I’ve volunteered my wife…

I’ve volunteered my wife…
A guy is sitting in a tea garden when a funeral procession comes past. One hearse, then a man walking a dog, then another hearse and then about two hundred men. The guy thought this a bit strange so he followed them. After the funeral he asked the man with the dog why it was such a strange procession. It turned out that the man’s wife took the dog’s food away while he was still eating so the dog killed her and the man’s mother in law.The first guy thought about this for a while and then asked if he could borrow the dog. “Get in line” the man said, indicating the 200 others.

Do ask her to do us all a favour though and take Justin Bieber with her. :slight_smile: