What happened to the

Spell Checker? ???

Is it not part of your browser? Maybe you sweetched it orf?

I switched mine off. It doesn’t understand that I don’t use US English and keeps complaining about colour, humour and so on. Those stupid squiggly red lines annoy the hell out of me, and I know how to spell, dammit!

I don’t, so how do I turn it on?

In Firefox menu go Edit → Preferences → Advanced and then under ‘Browsing’ check ‘Check my spelling as I type’. If you’re using another browser check help.

I think he means the forum’s spell checker - which has disappeared.

For firefox, download spell checkers for all the SA languages (including “South African English” ;)) here: http://translate.org.za/

Unfortunately, with the recent server upgrade, the pspell library for php is not supported anymore, and therefore the spell checker will remain out of service until either the people at SMF or I get time to look for an alternative.

But since most browsers have decent spell checking capabilities, and more choice in languages, it’s not a priority at the moment :-[

PS. It’s early, and the coffee is still doing it’s thing. I probably need a grammar checker here too ::slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. I already know how to spell in Sow Theffrikan Inglish, but others may want the dictionary.

I use this for IE (and no, IE9 stil doesn’t have a build in spell checker.

Ok, thank you. :smiley:


The spel tjek has disappeered agen. Can we pleese hav it back?