What is your Dangerous Idea?

I am reading John Brockman’s “What is your Dangerous Idea?” “Today’s leading thinkers on the unthinkable”. Very thought provoking but what are ordinary people’s dangerous ideas? People like you and me.

For me it would be a time machine. To turn back the clock, go back in history and be able to tweak it. To cut out all the mistakes. Dangerous because we will just make our own mistakes. The world will just be a different problem. But of course I will be a major share holder of Microsoft. Shares bought on the first day with my lotto jackpot earnings… 8)

Seeing that we have a shortage of natural resources and energy, and the problem is caused by over-population of the earth, let’s wipe out 50% or more of the world’s population…

We could use a number of virusses to kill people off, starve them to death or wage war etc.

I’m not sure how we would decide who lives and dies: We could always let the poor starve off first, by increasing the price of everything beyond their means, and by spreading disease for which they don’t have medication.

The unwanted rich people could just be taken out by classifying them as terrorists and waging war against them.

Oh… wait… someone’s already doing this!

I read a sci-fi book a few years back. For the life of me can’t remember what the title or who the author is, but such a game changing concept.

The basic concept is that they figure out how to make wormholes. Initially it’s just space related, allowing instantaneous communication of bits. But they then figure out how to send a wormhole back into time, since space and time is very related. They can’t make a wormhole big enough to travel through, as it won’t go bigger than a certain limit, but that limit is big enough to receive photons from the other side. So that means you can go to any point in the past, and watch what happened. So when a murder occurred, watch Da Vinci paint the Mona Lisa, JFK’s assassination, the moon landings, Jesus’ life (if that actually ever occurred). Watch history as it happens.
Other concepts are connecting people with wormholes, attaching the interfaces to the brain stem, creating hive minds, and telepathic communication.

I think that is such a awesome concept, with such brilliant possibilities, and pitfalls. The tech is all very much in the speculative side, but that is one of the things that I love about sci-fi. I also think that the concept is much less dangerous than actual time travel, although I love that idea as much.

My dangerous idea is that a successful political career free of all self-interest is impossible in practise.

what are ordinary people's dangerous ideas? People like you and me

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