What would *you* do?

(11:55:15) Mefiante: Dyed in the wool and dead of mind, (11:55:43) Mefiante: You took your stand, left sense behind, (11:56:04) Mefiante: You stake it all on a sense of place, (11:56:18) Mefiante: And lose your head to save your face!

Reminds me of a meandering thought I had the other day; If I were caught in a modern-day crusade and plonked down on my knees with a gun to my head, would I confess my love for dog or lie to save my skin?

I don’t really believe I’ll be punished for just lying and getting it over with, however I would feel pretty sad about partaking in a lie that damages so many lives every day. I could take a stand for truth and reason, and die, but would that act maybe make a difference to the world? Who knows, I’m not answering, I’m asking…

Moreover, what if a loved one had the gun to their head, and you had to make a statement of belief to save them. What would you do?

Under my current circumstances I would not hesitate to pretend for one moment. In my book an oath extracted by coercion is null and void and I see no moral obligation to try and act in a cavalier way whatsoever.

If I were a leader of millions and resisting such coercion could change the world, I would probably view the matter differently, but there are an infinite number of hypothetical permutations, making it rather futile attempting to consider various scenarios.

I would tell them what ever they want to hear.

Quite so: A confession of belief extorted under duress is worthless. I wouldn’t hesitate to make a false confession in such circumstances.

As for a situation involving a leader, just have a look at your average politician: Many of them start out with the noblest of intentions, but soon enough they find it necessary, for pragmatic reasons, to align themselves publicly with ideas and initiatives that they may not be too keen on.