What's this then?

I took this pic yesterday by simply aiming a compact camera through the eyepiece of a microscope, so the quality is somewhat godawfull. Still, its my first micrograph, so I’m keeping it. :wink: The image was either 40x or 100x times magnification, can’t remember.

From your school biology, lets see who can first identify what this is. :slight_smile:


The Blob! Just before it rapidly expands and take over the world.

Sadly high school biology is way way way behind me. Looks like a cell or amoeba tbh.

Nope. Its not the blob. ;D But it is indeed cells you are seeing. But from where? There are 2 types identifiable that should give it away.


Are those little black slits stomata?


The ventral surface of a leaf showing squamous epithelium cells and guard cells with stomata.


Very good! :slight_smile:


Can’t claim the credit though. I only thought it was cells.

I asked me dear old mom, she being a retired biology high school teacher of 30 years, and like always she came through ;D