When does bio-technology go too far??

Not goats with 8 legs but goats you can milk for silk!

It is simply amazing that science has advanced enough for people to be able to accomplish this but how do we determine if it is the right thing to do or not? Who should decide whether it’s right or not?

However it may be, science will usually progress in spite of people standing around shouting “you’re playing god!”.

Science is going far to slow!

I really want to have access to gene doping i.e. without side effects.

I would gladly adopt transhumanism.

Yeah well the side effects are the massive problem! Maybe try transvestism first, I believe the only side effects are blisters and an itchy wig! :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t mind that. Perhaps you could join me for: Sisters with blisters.


It is for a good cause, very much humanitarian :-X

Yeah maybe, this only has info for 2011 tho…

me too!!! personally, i have high hopes for nanotechnology.

for messing with dna. the goat that produces silk, is not in pain, or suffering (i assume), thus, as long as animals arent suffering, go nuts.

Well all the other goats may laugh at spider-goat… especially if it cannot swing from a web!

spider-goat, spider-goat does whatever a spider-goat does…

Go nuts??! really… there’s not enough research into the consequences yet and mixing dna renders hybrids infertile. There was already problems with using peanut dna in soya causing anaphalactic shock. Would you not want the real ingredients listed on your food?

i’m not allergic to anything. if you are… darwin at work… >:D

I’m sure they’ll have a DNA patch for that soon. :wink:

i would like to install the psychic plugin. could really use some lotto money…

Hmmm I’m being weedled out like a runt because of penicillin!