White Africa!

The WHITE STATE! White people S.Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and other countries of the African continent, it is necessary to be united and create the INDEPENDENT WHITE STATE!!! .В it(him) again as during old kind times posters ONLY FOR WHITE where Negros will know the place in a toilet will hang! >:( >:( >:( >:(

You posted this same message 5 times! Consider yourself introduced. Please don’t do it again, and make sure you have something to say that is worthwhile to hear, otherwise your account will be removed and you will be banned. But you are probably not the sort to hang around too long anyway. Your childish behavior speaks volumes.

Oh yeah, and next time, be sure that you make complete sentences before you cut and paste your messages. Otherwise you just look stupid.

Good day.

You have just disproved those statisticians who say that intelligence is normally distributed. It is, in your case, abnormally distributed.


This is a sad state of affairs. I am new here, and most certainly hope this kind of “white state” drivel is not what this forum is about.

Not the forum, but certainly some of the members it looks like. Luckily they usually have their say, exposing them for who and what they are and then never post again. They probably don’t have anything to contribute anyway.

The unfortunate reality of the internet and the open access it offers to all types, is that you will get drivel being posted by small-minded bigots.

I can’t remember who made the remark : “I may not agree with what you say, but i will defend to the death your right to say it!”, ensures that moronic comments can be made, evaluated and be discounted.

Don’t know who said it originally, but I have heard Penn Jillette use that remark on his radio show.

That saying is usually attributed to Voltaire, but it is doubtful that he ever wrote or said it.