Why kill our pets????

Our 6 year old large breed, loyal, loving and extremely protective dog, sadly had to sacrifice her life for our family and property last night, after some Mother f*** felt the urge to poison her.
We came across her this morning, with the evidence of “2 step” poison next to her. Had to let the SAP know and Health Dept had to collect her. Sleeping tablets not potent enough? Too slow?
Or does poison just provide a more permanent/long term solution in an area? According to the SAP
Four other cases were reported in town!

Sometimes I really do wish HELL was real :’(

I’m sorry… I’m with you when it comes to wishing for a hell when you’re feeling hurt like this.

I’ve tried to condition my dogs not to eat anything unless its in their feeding tray, and so far, so good, I’ve picked up raw meat and half loaf bread in the front yard from time to time but my dogs didnt touch it. Fortunately.

Make sure you are safe for the next few weeks and get yourself a yapper for inside the house where they cant get to it with poison.

I’m really sorry for your loss, we do become so attached to our pets.

Thanx … I am really between heartbroken and extremely pissed off! We’ve got a little yapper
in the house, they do know we only feed them in their trays, but … they burry so many bones and stuff, that I don’t think they could remember if they themselves hid it there or someone perhaps dropped it over the walls. I do realise the best way to go these days, would be to send your dog to a training school, but I don’t think I would risk another watchdogs life again! We’ve got electrical fencing and an alarm system in our house and now want to install outside system too!

Me and hubby are pondering about another system which I wish someone could develop in SA. Searched the internet, but can’t find anything. It might seem outrageous, but … we all saw
Science fiction movies and a few years down the line, viola someone used the idea and created a new product! Now, wouldn’t it be great if a laser system can be developed which ZAP an intruder on entry, not a killer though, just enough to stop him in his tracks or encourage him to leave…straight away! >:(

There are laser systems to pick up movement over a wall etc, as for zapping them, I’m sure you can rig something up to respond if the beam gets broken, the current one’s are just warning systems, but then you might just zap a birdie or a cat as well… :-\

I’m so sorry to hear this. We are terrified of a similar thing happening to Dufus, so he sleeps inside at night. He isn’t there to protect our rhododendrons, in any case, so it makes more sense for him to be protected and sleep inside.

I am also very sorry to hear about what happened in your life - not only the loss of a beloved pet, but also the close-call break-in-and-who-knows-what-could-have-happened thing. I am also very attached to my little watchdog (only a puppy still, but adorable and surprisingly vigilant) and we have managed to train her to eat on a voice-command (most of the time, but she is still a baby…) Even when she discovers one of her bones that lie all over the garden she sits and cries at it until one of us speaks to her and tell her its OK to munch.
The point is not ‘risking a watchdog’s life’ for me - i want to have a dog, and like big dogs (as opposed to a yapper) and why should the criminal element have the power to prevent me from having a pet? I say: install every alarm system known to man, plant thorny shrubs on your perimeter, make a cop-buddy. ANYTHING to

Yes we want to put up the beam system, as for the zapping, I’m sure you can set sensors the same way other systems do, not to activate on animal movement :wink:

Stones - Our Rottweiler fulfilled the role of our watch dog whilst being at home, but I sure as hell would have
allowed her inside the house if she didn’t loose that much hair and she wasn’t exactly house trained!
(good idea if you keep yours inside, regret we didn’t)
We always take all our pets to the kennels before leaving on weekends or holidays, because we just
don’t want to risk them killed or neglected. We are well covered by the Insurance and got armed
Response, to us not necessary to leave pets at home.

BTW – Lovely dog uve got :slight_smile:

I feel quite ill for your behalf. The sick fuckers deserve to be castrated by means of papercuts.
U have two halfbreeds, and alltho they are smelly, hairy shits, that steal the catfood and vomit on the carpet, by fuck, they sleep indoors with me. considering the eldest is a greatdane cross, thats a lot of slobber on tile floors early the morning.
my sister had lost two dogs by poisoning. and the bastards never even followed up the by breaking in. seems they just poison whatever looks large enough to rip a hole in their flesh.
i, too, am scared shitless of coming home and finding my kids dead. and not even just the dogs, some peopols poison birds and rats with homebrew numbers, and my cats end up ill too. years ago, my dad and i came across a huge eagle, poisoned like this, it was very sad to see this creature weakly trying to get away from us.
i dont even spray insecticides in my garden, just cause im paranoid.

what my landlord did (which doesnt allways work, especially if your property is smallish), is to have a gap between your boundry wall, and another fence, this fence, is nice and high, and curved in such a manner, that if you were to throw something against it, its likely to bounce into the gap, and not go over. since whatever they intend to chuch accross, isnt likely to be all that heavy, it will only travel that far.
allso, what my sister did, was put an perimeter alarm outside the wall, say like a half meter away, and had an alarm that hollered when the beam was broken, so the fuckers know, when they come too close, they are noted.
they connected it to the gate, so that when you buzz the remote for the elctric gate, the beam gets immobilised, so its doesnt holler the neighbourhood awake at two am when u drive thru.
good idea too, tell ur neighbours about ur gadget. so they know, when that thing makes a noise, something’s up.

in general, i am super gung-ho. i sleep with a 30cm bayonet under my pillow. a can of mace in my car door, a butterfly knife on my dashboard, and a baton in my cubby hole. god help the fucker if i manage to get into him first.

what our neighbourhood watch had allso done, is they have kitted themselved with night vision goggles, and camo net, and take turns guarding intersections at night. they are waiting for these fuckers, and i hope i get to be present when they do get one. i have a score to settle. a newly reconditioned car, my dad’s hifi, and an entire wardrobe.

Sooooooo he’s gonna be kinda ***ed ;D

Thanx for the ideas there GG, would keep it in mind!

I came across this site and it seems like a cool idea installing these in conjunction with
a few beams :wink:


(like the idea to install it in a car also, sure would like to see their green faces
after a few km’s) ;D

It’s such a shame we have to all live in such fear. I rent a room in the Centurion Golf Estate, and had to send my Milo (Jack Russell) to a friend to live on a farm (no dogs allowed by my landlord). She’s happy there but I miss her very much.

My choice is to live out in da bush - love the outdoors etc. but we simply can’t any more - too much fear. Friggen upsets me soooo much. And your beautiful dog Jane of the Jungle - I’m so very sad for you - nothing will ever replace your loss.

i hear you steve. im a boskind myself. which is kinda weird for sumone who is kak scared of the dark. and nightblind to boot.
i had a brief, if unusual, stint of farmliving, and it was hairy. the eland would come into garden around midnight, then all kinds of panic would be in the house, cause you expect sumone to come kill you in your sleep, before you assume there are wild animals in your garden, on a game farm.

i find the need for violence so needless. and not just, boom, your dead. shit i shot the oke. its torture, rape. what exactly is the point?
the point is, for years, the struggle leaders, had preached death and damnation to the oppressed. they had fuelled dream with stories of taking back farms, raping the women, and dancing on white corpses. so when the government transformed peacefully, they were left with this anger, and unresolved need to kill something.
allso, if one had to look at the russian revolution, the commoners had gone, under the fuel of communism, and killed off the rich landlords, and claimed the land for themselves. alla zimbabwe too.
these people were told that they were going to have bloody revenge for years of opression, now they are stuck with, what? so they are still angry, and unemployed, without a house, foreigners are taking their jobs… i think its an evil loop.
i blame government, present and previous. past government didnt take accountability, present government cant control its people, or deliver on promises.
fuckups all round.

Doesn’t matter who we blame - we are still stuck with the problem, and seemingly there is no simple solution to this one. It is indeed and ‘Evil loop’, as you mention, but I think lack of education (giving rise to poverty and desperation, etc) is the real root of the problem, and this can be adressed (at least to some extent? :slight_smile:
I simply refuse to believe that crimes are comitted purely because human beings are hateful and take pleasure from harming others (even though I know this is probably extremely naive of me)
damn, this whole thread has made me thoroughly depressed now… :frowning:

i have heard, from several sources, that the guys get drugged or pissed before they go on the hunt, as it were. so that when they eventually enter a house, they a ghoofed out of their trees, the adrenaline is going, so im sure the mind doesnt function normally anymore.
i cant imagine, that such a large portion of a population, can so easily, go to such levels of inhumanity.
maybe, and i say this at the risk of being called racist, the native mind/culture/dna call it what you will, is still pretty much tuned in to savagery in order to survive.
to deny the mindset of black/white/indian is the same, is to be very blind.
it doesnt make one skin colour superior to the other, it just means, that we need a different approach.
european minds has evolved of thousands of years ‘more’ than the african mind. allthough europeans have by no means held the sceptre when it comes to pacifism and human rights, at least, i think, there were an attempt to bottle humans into some kind of order.
now, again, this is going to sound very racist, but africans, in general, had a pretty much stone age living. and when europeans arrived, they had catch up really quickly.
some people adjusted, some just coped.
and, i think, allso, the natural tendancy of peoples, who were hunted by neighbouring tribes, wild animals, and had very little to protect themselves, apart from natural agression towards invaders. its in their nature to have to fight.

i think, too, that the colonists, had a big piece to pay for the shit we are in at the moment. obviously, enslaving the native peoples, treating them like absolute animals. but, the kinds of reward systems they put in place. instead of payment being equal to work offered. they were bribed with trinkets, and given shiny things to appease and manipulate them. payment with booze.
so, you create a culture that sticks its hand out when in need, instead of pulling finger, and getting the job done right.
today, we have a nation that is sitting back and waiting for the government to give them jobs/houses/cars, you name it.
and the entrepreneurs, are taking what they think is theirs to take, since their leaders have told them, and are still telling them, how they are working towards a communist utopia. but as the book goes, some animals are more equal than others.

where does this leave us?
i honestly dont know.
get a gun, get a knife, and be ready. dont be a target. assume you are next. discuss the worst case scenarios with your family.
dont be irrisponseable witht the help you let unto your property. even if you think your help is precious, they have to go home to wild world, where they would rather have you killed, than lose their own lives. that’s human nature.
i think, we grow lax with our help, leave them in our home all day without supervision. tell them when we are going away, when we will be back, teach them how the alarm works, cause you dont want to wake up to let them in.
unfortunately too, the white population in our country, is too lazy, pathetic and snobbish to do menial work anymore. so the blacks get employed. thus, when they get to make a buck off selling your laptop he will.
he has a family, he wants a nice car too.
and they have been tought by their leaders, that white people are all rich, and that whatever they own, is the african nations, because it was stolen from them in the first place.
fair enough, but i would say, they had a pretty decent trade-off.
for their land, and freedom (for but a fraction of their culture’s existance, but no less horible), they got roads, education, hospitals, healthcare,… stuff that would have been a fantasy if they had not been colonised.
i think, that for what we took , we brought plenty too.
we should be quits in the end.
my hope?
that some kind of sanity will previal in a young, forward thinking leader.
that one that stirs the shit at every opportunity.
i would volunteer, but i am not pc enough, and i swear like a trouper.

If the length of the evolution period of a culture’s “mind” were in any way significant to its level of sophistication then the Australian aboriginals would be millennia ahead of just about everyone else in the world. Culture is not a biologically heritable trait like eye colour or physique. That is why humans nurture their young far longer, both in absolute time and relative to their lifespan, than any other species. The closest thing to biological heritability (and thus subject to biological evolution) in respect of the human mind are certain propensities thereof, for example abstract thought, the use of tools, contemplating the future in a consequent way, etc. Whether these heritable propensities are in fact made use of depends on the particular culture’s value system. Thus, it is a mistake to think that a certain group of humans shows certain outward behavioural traits like savagery or docility or refinement because it has evolved biologically towards that state. Rather, such traits are cultural legacies, not evolutionary ones.

I think that perhaps the major factor impeding Africa’s development hinges on these cultural issues. The cultural inertia and momentum of the past is not easily braked and realigned; it will take several generations to get that right. In the past, ownership and responsibility were in many cases communal. The focus was on the welfare of the group and a fairly rigid social hierarchy ensured that individuals did their part. At the same time, if, for example, you felt hungry for fruit, you’d go to the nearest tree and pick as much fruit off it as you wanted. These strictures no longer exist for many erstwhile “primitive” societies, and they find themselves adrift in a cultural value system that they are unfamiliar with and struggle to understand. This new value system is very much centred on the role, responsibilities, rights and requirements of the individual, and it is not easy to reconcile this change in emphasis with the customary system. Sadly, this disruption can also, through bafflement and frustration, promote and facilitate opportunism, as well as other inappropriate behaviours.

Ironically, these approaches were largely motivated by and justified on religious principles.


Spot on, Mefiante.

[quote author=Mefiante link=topic=1084.msg8750#msg8750 date=1269959767]

in that regard, i dont even have to think hard about. once again, religion is the root of all evil.

Two step is more effective than sleeping pills, aside from it being for sale for R5 a bag on the corner of streets (from those guys that sell loose cigarettes and sweets), it also gives you the advantage of getting rid of a dog on a Monday when you plan to rob the house on the next Friday. Don’t get me wrong, it makes me sick to think that a human is possible of doing a thing like this; but with the Easter Weekend affirmative shopping peroid around the corner it is expected that we’ll see an increase in poisonings. Replacing a big dog is also problematic. Replace it with an adult dog you don’t know, and it might bite your children; replace it with a puppy and you have to wait a year before you have a big dog again. So the poison is such an effective tool that it will take something very extraordinary to stop it from being used. Maybe try to buy it, and then force the seler to eat it?

I did a bit of reseach a while ago about the influence of unemployment in crime with the hope to use it as my main motivation for starting an open source contracting team in our company; and concluded to my dismay that the main reason for crime is inequality, and not unemployment.

inequality with regards to white/black, to educated/uneducated, local/foreigner?

Inequality between previously disadvantaged people, and the rest. My research was definately biased since i aimed to prove that if you take the licensing budget of a big company and use it to employ matriculants (only PDIs) whom you then train to support open source software (since you don’t pay for licenses anymore) you will create jobs and move SA to a position where we can export skilled resources. Where I work we currently “import” software developers from India to do most of our work. I did not look at rehabilitating the dog killers, rapists or politicians; just to take the guys whos career choice will probably be crime; and give them an alternative before they realise how well crime pays.

A very interesting topic. Would you mind sharing some of your work?