I was trundling home last night to my little shack on the hill in goody-two shoes Alberton - did you know that Alberton has an incredibly high quota of Mother Grundies and church groups and boy they are party poopers of note? Anyway, I digress. As I was heading for home feeling grumpy bcos the sun had already gone down and it was only 5:30pm for chrissake, I wondered what one could do to cheer oneself up and help pass the time in winter? It’s dark when we have to get up, it’s dark when we get home.

I’m fed up with freezing my buns off, having to cook (though hubby is a sterling chef and has been doing most of the cooking bless his socks) and then getting stuck in front of the TV because there is nothing else to do except wait for time to pass until I can thankfully climb into bed and cook myself gently with the electric blanket.

Admiring stamp collections, colouring in the o’s and p’s in a magazine with a red or blue koki pen or watching tennis (yuk) has lost its charms. Hubby gets twitchy in winter especially when I start “redecorating” the lounge, where we are incarcerated most of the time in front of the TV - I always pontificate out loud about changing the colour scheme of the walls and ceiling, fixing the fireplace, changing the lounge setup, buying new furniture - and he goes pale and swallows very loudly.

So - how about some creative, inventive and frivolous suggestions on how to get through the winter?

We could try to get the forum admin to correct the forum clock ’cos it’s an hour behind. I suggest vigour appropriate to counteract ambient temperature. Afterwards we can bask in the warm glow of a small success with the cosy security of knowing that time is back on track. :stuck_out_tongue:


i have found winter the best time to learn a new program. like photoshop or something. learn a new language. start beading. i just like to run my hands through my bucketfull of beads.
bake. a hot stove and the smell of fresh cookies. nom nom nom. sure to make hubby more inclined to calm his tits as well.
i saw something cute, though weird. a woman took the hair she brushed from her cat, and made jewelry. i kid you not.

We, too, have incredibly dull evenings, we dont even have tv to amuse us. I generally do cross-words or read a book (but all mine is packed up right now in anticipation of the move), so its crosswords for me. The S/O plays computer games. I have no idea what my sons are up to, and I’m loathe to investigate, they are teenagers after all.

All the suggestions I can come up with involves some sort of effort, and since I’m anti-effort in the evenings, its probably not good suggestions anyway.

Hmmm…some interesting and offbeat suggestions from some very helpful readers. I enjoy baking and cooking and have been threatening this whole week so far to make some strawberry and ginger jam. Got all the ingredients on the weekend and now they are languishing in the fridge because I am the POP - Princess of Procrastination. In mitigation, though, I excuse myself on the grounds that since hubby is hogging the kitchen cooking and generally making a huge mess while he goes about it, I can’t get to the stove. Or, like Monday evening, we looked at the untidy kitchen and scullery laden with dirty dishes (because we avoided washing up on Sunday night-too cold) - we went out to supper instead. I am easily distracted by the promise of sushi.

If I tried to brush ANY of my 3 cats I would end up in hospital with stitches, splints and in traction. They have serious issues about grooming. Or medication. They tolerate me because I can reach the food cupboard and I have thumbs to open the cans of goodies. They do love me in winter though. I’m a handy cat-warmer and of course I obey them and put the electric blanket on the bed for them.

Our pc is not even connected. The spare room is the Bermuda Triangle where it resides and since we shuffled furniture around when renovating our bedroom in December, the pc is in there. Somewhere.

I can knit, sew, paint, have made model aeroplanes to humour hubby, cook, bake - you name it, I can actually do all of that. But it’s too damned cold to do some of those activities and I can’t drag a heater around with me all of the time from room to room. POP - that’s me!

And my MAD magazines are missing…

Podcasts. Minimal energy required.

There are scuzzillion science related casts and many more non-scientific ones.

It’s like the good ol’ days of listening to Squad Cars on Springbok radio Friday evenings. Who remembers that?

In heavy Afrikaans accent:
“They patrol the empty streets at night, waiting, in fast cars and on foot … they are of the
Brixton murder and robbery squad…” :smiley: classic. I’d love to listen to that again.

A lot more entertaining than TV.

Try Star Talk by Neil deGrasse Tyson for example.

Go to the Bahamas and do some scuba diving.

join one of those xtian bookclubs and give them hell!

My boss just came back from Jamaica and her highlight of the trip was getting high in Bob Marley’s house.

I envy her. :frowning:

there you go. get stoned. get stoned, and eat. and talk about random shit and come to mindblowing realizations, that you would have forgotten the next day. and laugh your ass off at everything.
i suggest cat scratching. find a cat snuggled in a little ball. put your hand to your one ear like you are holding a headphone to it, and commence cat scatching!
it was the funiest shit ever. hard to explain if you were not there.

GCG has put it all into a nutshell, go to the top of the winter class for that. I also quite like the idea of picking a fight with a bookclub, thanks Brian. Makes me think of a British tv series from yonks back called Basil Brush, a talking (stuffed) fox with a very bad attitude towards authority and the establishment. Probably why us kids loved him! He would pick up the phone and say something like, “hello, is this the War Department? It is? Good. Wanna fight?” The only book club I have seen advertised in our local newspaper is a church group. 'nuff said. I’d rather poke my eyes out with sharp sticks first than go to one of those.

The only book club I have seen advertised in our local newspaper is a church group. 'nuff said. I'd rather poke my eyes out with sharp sticks first than go to one of those.
What you do is send them a copy of my book or Steve's with an invite to the author to address them about atheism and read excerpts from the book...see if they really have the courage of their convictions LMFAO!

Em, evidently. :smiley:

I keep on writing beautiful letters to the community newspaper in protest to the three full pages dedicated to xtianity every week, and they continue to ignore me. I am now saving up to afford a full page of my own upon which (once I’ve saved up enough money) I will invite all of my fellow atheists on this forum to contribute an article to.

community newspaper correspondence… if they could SPELL properly I would make an effort to actually read the publication. The spelling and grammatical errors are atrocious (always wanted to use that word) I usually end up throwing the paper to the other end of the room in sheer frustration because no matter how I try not to, I always end up spotting them and it gets my panties inna bunch

@Faerie - a brilliant idea. We’ll review the Babble in weekly bytes as well - any more than a byte and I’ll be ill. The best is the section in the paper emblazoned on top with “What’s happening in Alberton”. What IS happening in Alberton??? Nothing! That’s the problem! We had a very small movie-house at our local mall which was eventually shut down and why? Because the church groups bleated about bad influences and elements, drugs, the kids going to bed too late at night etc. Pubs are few and far between - the MG’s make sure they don’t stay around for long and do their best to shut them down.

Winter ruins my evening guitar playing. It is hard enough when your hands are warm, but damn near impossible when they’re cold.

I just sit and stream youtube vids (if one digs you find some really cool stuff, ofc it requires a fast internets and big cap), play some PC games, watch some series, etc. On “oh my word who ordered this weather for HARTRAO” saturday, I woke up with a hankering for pancakes, so I whipped some up. I definitely recommend cooking, however not so nice come summer and your body isn’t quite ready for prime-time on the beach.

Exercise is also cool, in that it warms you up! (see what I did there?) You feel frikkin fantastic, you get to warm up a bit, you can round it off with a nice, hot, shower. The partner is always impressed by some extra muscle and a little less “insulation” (OK I have a lot leave me alone). AAND you get ready for the beach!

Yes I oversell, I’m also loathe to start exercising when I’m freezing, BUT I’m always glad I did when I do.

AAAaaaand finally: Exercise and a hot shower can lead to other, more interesting nightly activities that can be enjoyed in winter time. ;D

Of which the shoutbox can attest to currently. :smiley:

Surely snails don’t exercise and shower first?

I am going to do sidewalk astronomy tonight. Set up the telescope in a shopping centre parking lot and invite people to come and look. Care to join me? Middelburg is only 160km from Joburg :slight_smile:
It is something to do and the sky is clear.

Nice one Tweefo, I’m there in spirit.

Not too much smog? I alway see that area as being close to what the outskirts of hades would look like!