Witchcraft alive and well in Africa

I have a daughter that is about to turn 10, and when I see stories like this where a little girl gets killed so her body parts can be used to make magical potions; it just gets me so angry! It is absolutely amazing, and I guess we see it all the time, that in this day and age the lack of melanin in your skin puts you in to a category where your body parts are so powerful that people are willing to kill you, regardless of your age so that the parts can be sold to make potions that make you rich! It is just sickening!

It is shocking.
It is also shocking that it isn’t the only the ignorant, rural, Africans who believe in the stuff.
Others seem to also believe that witches in Africa have power. The thing is, if Obama wins the election, that will prove that the witches muti is more powerful than their god, no?

Yes witchcraft is alive and well. Thank the gods for this. It is practiced by many all over the world and in many forms. But to surmise that the killing for body parts by savages for savages represents witch craft is silly. Must we now start looking at the morality of christianity every time a crime is committed by a christian. Modern witchcraft as practiced by Wiccans is totally non violent and unlike christianity does not offer a “get out of jail free” card in the form of unconditional forgiveness.

Maybe however religions that promote violence should be looked at. I for one would like to see the old testament of the bible banned for its violent content. Oops sorry we cant do that can we because it was god that did all the killing.

This is very sad. It is so hard to believe that we wake up to stories like this in this day and age! Monkey ‘burnt to death’ by community

Moswetsi was woken up by friends on Monday morning and told about the monkey, they said it was going around Kagiso “talking to people”.