Word for this Week


NOUN - vulgar slang

1 a person with shit for brains
2 a religious person

Derived from Latin, ignoranus - a stupid arsehole


Hey, that sounds like you :D. Sh|t happens (or like you say in Latin? - merda accidit), including inside your cranium, hence why you seem to have sh|t for brains >:D.

Here is another:



  1. Any person that believes strongly that he/she is the result of never ending crap that happens for no reason at all.

Can be used in sentences in the following ways:

  1. Crappers are of the opinion that they are objectively meaningless crap that just happens to spawn more crap for no particular reason.
  2. The church of the crapper is non existent as a result of the stench left by cognitive dissonance that cannot be tolerated even by the crappers themselves.

Antonym: Clapper

You’re not very good at this, are you? You’re supposed to make up a NEW word, one NOT in the OED. “Crapper” is already taken:


NOUN - vulgar slang

a toilet

But then , you are not very imaginative, are you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Moving along, a NEW FORM of the Word for this Week.


VERB - esp. religious

to be born again


TelePhrone was returded at the Mighty Clapper gathering last weekend.

A hundred returds were returded after Pastor Ray’s sermon last Sunday.

Mmm, you are kind of good with words that are associated with, well sh|t. I am sure you won’t mind a different form of the word “crapper”. The etymology of the word is traceable. All you need is a bit of imagination. Crappers have sh|t for brains… toilet… you figure it out.

Awesome man, now we have a small collection of fun words to use in all kinds of fun ways. Although I think you need to work on this one a bit. The history of the word is not very clear. Turd>returd>returded>religious sounds like you pulled it out of your arse (actually brain filled with crap), not very intelligent and one would expect such sloppy thinking to come from crappers ;D.

The history of the word can be properly traced if you use it in its proper manner.



  1. To talk [email protected] repeatedly
  2. to be born again.


Returding is a favourite past-time of crappers and returds.

Next word: Scienturd

Spatological adj. Overtly prurient dealing with excrement and excretory functions for the specific purpose of provoking a quarrel.

cf. Squatology n. The common habit of saying exactly nothing by way of determinedly talking only crap.


And to be used in the following way:

Squatology is the perfection of returding and is reserved for only the most spatological crappers.

In order to enter the priesthood of the holey crapper, one must be profecient in squatology and ordained by the highest Squatologean; Rwenzori, his holey returd the first.

Hehe! Don’t get so uptight about online fun Telephroners! :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems necessary to accelerate my schedule, so here we go…


NOUN - vulgar slang

  1. religious leader who lives off the tithes of his/her flock

  2. pastor

  3. religious confidence trickster


Pastor Ray is a real freeturd, schmoozing off his congregation to live the high life.


Haha, I am having fun here, don’t project there oh master of squatology, Rwenzori, his holey returd the first ;D.

Glad you’re having a ball, but I’m not the religious one here, remember.

Continuing your education…


NOUN - religious

that branch of theology that is concerned with the ultimate crap: judgement, heaven, hell and similar imaginary shit


When you die, god will judge you by your goody-goody deeds, speaking esquatol… esquolog… er… speaking like an esquimaux.

Tellyism: A lot of words without any discernable meaning.

You might check out Alloytoo’s set of Urban Dictionary definitions relating to our very own TelePhrone. You can latch onto them at:

Phonesis n. The art of deceitfully stringing words together in a manner that merely gives the illusion of expertise or wisdom while in reality being devoid of any actual substance or meaning. Gk. Φόν (Phon) “It really, really, really sounds like” + -ησις (-esis) “this bloke knows his coprolites”. E.g. “Irreducible complexity is a construct that relies entirely on phonesis. There is not a single convincing instance of it.”

cf. Phronesis.