Year End Event for Skeptics

do we have any planned event for a year-end shindig, where we can get together, dress up, and just be respectable?
i ask this now, coz we need to book a venue like, now.
i’m glad to play events organiser for the joburg side of things.

Excellent idea. I could provide the music but I will need the date so that I don’t take other bookings. Stunning idea GCG - our own year-end function. Hey - we could even have awards and everything. Heheh - sounds cool.

Mutton mentioned he has a restaurant…

it has to be black tie, coz i never get to dress up :-\

Wine from Mutton, song from Steve. Who is going to provide the women?

hey hey!!!




A nice dress up sounds good to me too GCG (that is, if I can drag the s/o out of the house for this), no reason though why we cant have it at a restaurant?

we make the venue. if, of course, we can get enough people together to akshully attend.

If at all possible, I will be there (and even dress up, if it is absolutely necessary) Sounds like a great idea :slight_smile:

if our omnipotent and allmighty forum admistrator will make us an event, and everyone put in their votes, then we can get cracking!!!

Sorry, I got stuck on reply#5… I’ll put up the event if you have a date and venue. You can add a poll to this thread if you want to.

I was foolish enough to scroll back to reply #5 at work - amazing how fast one CAN scroll when necessary…

We understand BluEGrAY.


My God! - how does she do that?? :o


It looks painful… :-\

It looks painful....

Not if you hold your face just right…

Luvvit!!! ;D ;D

Indeed he does!
Being the owner also means we can be a bit flexible regarding bookings / alteratioms etc!

Located on Hendrik Potgieter, near Clearwater Mall.

Let’s get a few dates and take it from there?

fanfukingtastic mate.
so, obviously we want it to be on a friday/saturday/sunday when everyone can travel.
and we want it to be when we are on leave, but i guess that doesnt really matter.

so let’s think.
i propose 10/11/12 dec or 17/18/19 dec.


then mutton can fling us together a set menu, so we cant rape our budgets, and whoop de doo!!

I would prefer 10/11/12 dec for what it’s worth. Those of us fortunate enough to go away on holiday are likely to leave on the 16th aren’t they?