Your Date with Destiny

Saw this show when channel surfing last night. Couldn’t believe how cheap it looked. But lots of people will still buy into it and believe she is for real. But if you don’t take it too seriously, it was actually funny. Serious warning though: Epileptics might find the constant batting of glitter encrusted eyelids from the host Belinda Silbert worrying. :stuck_out_tongue:
Best part for me was the cheesy sound effects when the “spirit” chose between contestants - that alone will make me watch it again ;D

Your Date with Destiny:

Venus, Cupid, Eros and Aphrodite are all excellent matchmakers but they don’t have anything on's new dating show, Your Date With Destiny, hosted by celebrity psychic Belinda Silbert. The show premiers on Tuesday 16 June at 9PM. In front of a studio audience, Belinda will match single candidates who have entered the show. The matched couples will go out on a date and report back in the next episode.

What Belinda Silbert thinks of herself. Writing about yourself in the third person shows a lack of in-tune-ness. Ditto not removing lurid spam comments from your blog.

What someone else thinks of Belinda Silbert. ;D


And she can sing too ::slight_smile:

But lots of people will still buy into it and believe she is for real.

But this is what makes the world interesting and fascinating!

From an analytical point of view: Bruce M Wood in his book Supersense “Why We Believe in the Unbelievable” explains it all from a psychological point of view.


Is it in tune, though?