Your preferred lap warmer

Am I the only one to notice a dearth of dog loving skeptics? Lets test …


I dont mind doggies, as long as they’re big, I canno abide the yapping at your heels kind.

I am a cat person though, to the bone, I have four and someday when I’m really, REALLY old, I’ll be the cat lady with the overgrown garden in the middle of the street. ;D

WRT title: Stripper.

WRT the real question: Only dogs that are too big to warm my lap. If it hops when it barks, it’s not a dog.

Cat lady to the core. 5 cats, 2 dogs, a rat, a lizzard, and guppies

Us dog lovers aren’t vocal about it - we know we have the best pets >:D

On the contrary, we cat lovers KNOW that WE have the best COMPANIONS. ;D

I don’t want no animal warming my lap thanx … my dog is waaaayy to big for that (although he still thinks he’s a puppy on the odd occasion)

You avatar does not come across as the ideal lap warmer either, or am I just being fussy?

Dogs have got owners, cats on the other hand have staff.

Totally agree - Tiny dogs = huge irritation. Cats, on the other hand, will one day take over the world. When that happens, I so want to be in their good books


First thought when I saw the title though was Dell.

Have three dogs…on the farm they work. The Dacshie is our burglar alarm and rat catcher of note while the two boerbulls are deterrents of nasties

100% correct … no fuzziness detected.