Came across this product. The usual, big promises and testimonials - with little proper evidence: [nofollow]http://www.zinplex.co.za/[/nofollow]

It was also found that Zinc had marked influence at increasing male fertility and boosting the Immune System of patients. ... It was further found that the absorption of Zinc can be improved by complexing Zinc with Picolinic Acid which gave the best results with the least side effects.
At a dosage of 50mg Zinc Picolinate do you want the improved absorption?
There is evidence of induced copper deficiency at low intakes of 100–300 mg Zn/d. The USDA RDA is 15 mg Zn/d. Even lower levels, closer to the RDA, may interfere with the utilization of copper and iron or to adversely affect cholesterol.

50mg of zinc picolinate will contain 50mg x 65.39/309.38 = 10.6 mg of Zinc. That seems close to the RDA.

Some more info here on a product leaflet. Copper supplements are indeed recommended: