10 years in prison for Amish hair cutting


One Amish guy cuts some other Amish guy’s hair and faces a possibility of 10 years inside for hate crimes. It was apparantly fuelled over “religious differences” I mean they are already such a specific sect… I’m afraid I did have a bit of a giggle cos his name is Samuel Mullet - I’m just imagining they woke up all “business at the front, party at the back”…

I read somewhere (I’ll go hunt the article down and post it), that its a splinter group who is even MORE fundamental than the regular Amish (I have no idea how fundamental that might be without returning to stone tools, but anyway), and they attempt by aggression to gain a greater following. Fortunately Amish aggression constitutes the cutting of hair and not anything more damning.

A pic to Mull(et)on:


10 years seems excessive but I don’t know the details of the case.

The person who perpetrated the haircuts in the photo should be burned at the stake.

Is that ET in the back?

Holy cow! I think you’re right.

As soon as I saw this pic I LOL’d wow beautiful ;D

10 years for cutting their hair like that? Seems too light a punishment for such a dastardly act…oh wait… never mind >:D