A molecule that walks!

I’ve always thought that nanotechnology was more hype than substance, but this is seriously awesome. A molecule that walks! Literally. Check it out: http://invaderxan.livejournal.com/121097.html

Is this the beginning of the end of the world as we know it?

Nice. But it only “walks” on heated copper - perhaps the first tiny step for a molecule but a giant leap for Man.

Perhaps that’s exactly how life started off, earth being boiling hot then and in the cooling process, molecules Evolutionized to adapt to earths cooler temperatures >:D

Encouragement to “walk” As jou voete brand moet jy maar begin loop ;D

“molecules Evolutionized to adapt?” Hey, if that makes sense to, good for you ;D.

Anyway, wonder when they will design small cargo carrying nanobots like these:
Kinesin Explanation
motor protein

Potential applications for drug delivery systems is huge.


Better ;D

But you agree with the Evolution “matter” in principal :wink:

Well, you know, of course molecules can adapt (microevolution), but there is no way that they could turn into something living (macroevolution). That would just be crazy. Like a Boeing being assembled when a tornado sweeps through a junkyard. Anyone with half a brain knows that living things and their Boeings require magic to come into existence. I mean come on.

(My best IDer impression :))