Accept sick note from traditional healer?

Should I accept a sick note from a member of the “SA traditional health practitioners, herbalists & spiritual healers association” ?
Am I required to by law?

We have to, but its internal policy, not sure about the law (although, it probably is, we’ve got odd 40 000 employees and are very politically/legally correct) Think if they’re registered then you must. Same with homeopaths.

You can though check whether they are truly registered with the association and whether it was issued by said practitioner.

good question. its bollocks actually. coz we have a sangoma working for us, and if i asked him nicely, he would write me a sicknote at a drop of a hat.

Even normal doctors do the “sick-note” thing at the drop of a hat. But I agree with Faerie on this one - do the usual validity checks you would do with a normal doctor.

Just because the sangoma is a quack doesn’t mean his patient wasn’t actually sick - gullible and stupid maybe - but possibly genuinely ill.

Would he write a sick note for me too? I am not ill, at all, but wouldn’t mind spending a few days in bed… and I don’t have ‘sick-note-giving-sangoma’ on tap :frowning:

Me: I’d like to see a doctor, please.
Receptionist: Which doctor?
Me: That’s fine, provided he can write a prescription and give me a sick note.

LOL ;D Nice one

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