Afterlife Debate With Christopher Hitchens

Afterlife Debate With Christopher Hitchens

Is there An Afterlife?

Do not miss this rare opportunity to hear two esteemed American icons, Christopher Hitchens and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, in a live debate discussing ‘Is There An Afterlife?’ on Thursday, September 16 beginning at 7:00 p.m. at The Great Hall at Cooper Union, the same hall where Abraham Lincoln delivered his great ‘House Divided Speech’.

On the heels of being a guest on The Shmuley Show on 77 WABC and announcing his esophageal cancer…, Hitchens will tackle issues of faith, spirituality, religion and the afterlife with his old foe Rabbi Shmuley.

Over the years, Christopher Hitchens and Shmuley have had a number of fierce debates, which have been viewed by millions on ,YouTube.
The moderator for the Debate is Lisa Oz! Author, Producer, and wife to TV’s Doctor Mehmet Oz!

What a pointless debate! There are no facts to support any position; it’s as futile as debating the existence of god. Bah! Humbug!

had the same discussion yesterday. nobody can take a stand on a subject they dont know diddly about.
typically, no live person can.

Agreed, I enjoyed listening to the Hitch again though.

I don’t believe there is an afterlife.

I don’t see the point in debating something that, no matter what your viewpoint is or what conclusions are reached, makes no difference. Even if there was proof of either viewpoint - that’s not going to change the way I live today. So the discussion would be pointless, unless you’re trying to convince a bunch of people who have no morals that they better behave if they don’t want to spend eternity in hell or someplace awful. :-\

It’s probably just as pointless as debating the existence of God. Those who believe are unlikely to see reason. However, considering how dangerous ideas like martyrdom and jihad (which are based on belief in an afterlife) are, it may be worthwhile to point out all the reasons we have to doubt whether questions about “life after death” are even meaningful.