Aggressive Atheism

Aggressive atheism

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That was one of my favourites so far. ;D

I usually just download the MP3s though:

I haven’t yet watched the video or the one linked to in the “IQ2 Debate: Atheism is the new fundamentalism” thread but when I read the titles my head goes a bit funny. It looks like religionists are feeling threatened by and are becoming increasingly highly sensitized to the growing vocality of atheism that they now want to compare it to their own sordid and bloodthirsty pasts. The underlying tactic of course is that they want to shame atheists into silence by calling them “radical” or “aggressive”.

It’s just too hilarious how they fail to see that their vacuous desperation is doomed to fail. If you can’t bring reason, logic and evidence to the table, you can always pull out the odd implied ad hominem.