Anyone else using

I just signed up on Muti a South African social bookmarking site. Registration was so simple, it took like two seconds. I have posted some skeptical links and am now looking for some friends to follow. Anyone else already registered? To see what I’ve linked to so far click the Muti logo below:

I think this is a great way we can all help influence the SA memesphere.

Bluegray V, why not put a Muti button on this site? I see you’ve got delicious, dig and a few others.

I’ll look into it - anyone else using muti?

Only occasionally on my mother in law.


Mother-in-laws require stronger poison. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, it seems to be working rather well. ;D Last night I posted Interview - 50 Voices of Disbelief: Why We are Atheists and it’s still on the front page! So far it has received 6 votes (including mine), so people are reading it. Come on guys, register. Even if it’s just to keep this great link on top where more people will read it.

Thanks bluegray V, the new button looks great and works perfectly. Nicely integrated! I notice you didn’t just copy the JavaScript from their site.