Anything but sedate.....I am the antonym...Hello Everyone!


32 year old raving woman, partner to Mordred who recently registered, the militant atheist as he puts it.

Atheist, outspoken, often in my own fairy tale which makes jesus and god look like odd characters in a 3 year olds drawing book (which they are of course).

Hoping to have some stimulating chats, and to meet new friends if possible.

BTW ‘real men who follow jesus’ are just a clever way of pin pointing the a##holes who don’t know how to drive (I’m sure it’s a secret sect or something), they just need to have one designed for their women too…and I’ll be that much sharper on the roads.

Hi Cdated welcome now I want to see a flamewar between Cdated and Mordred… ;D

Shap hoezit.

Just keep a watchful eye for the blue 'nads hanging off the back of the Hilux. Tells you all you need to know.

Welcome my love!!!

Heehee, flame war!

Thanks for the welcome!

Hopefully you guys are all going to the pub meet?

Hearty welcome. Nice to have family join our family heheh. Even better to have some more outspoken/militant atheists sign up - many like minds here.

Greetings, oh fellow wayward wanderer.

May you have many a stimulating read and conversation here!

Hi cdated, welcome.

Hi cdated, I like your intro. Welcome.

Thank you everyone. Will any of you be attending the next Pta meet on 23 October?

Not too good with the long-term planning, but I’ll do my best and bring a friend or two along.

Great! Would be nice to meet you.

Welcome from another new one (can’t like the term “newby” very much!)

Thanks Mutton!