Are You Sigh-kick?

Beware: With a score of seven out of ten, I am frighteningly [nofollow=]psychic[/nofollow]! So enormously psychic, in fact, that I just knew that that page was littered with spelling errors. It must have been the subtle surges in the EM vibes coming off my PC that I was reading subconsciously.

Or maybe it’s my PC that’s had the gift of second sight raised to a sixth sense for years now, what with its 64-bit architecture and the fact that 64 = 26

(The reader should take care with the linked-to website. After ten trials of guessing which one of four Zener-like cards has been – allegedly – preselected, one is prompted to enter one’s cell ’phone number in order to receive one’s score via SMS. It is not clear from the Terms of Service whether doing so automatically entails one’s subscription to the service, so it is better, I think, to keep one’s own score. Otherwise, one might learn what it feels like to have psychic ability dry up instantaneously.)


7! My first try I got a 5 and then a 2 followed. Then I started to only guess the star and got a 6 :wink:

Another one of those sms money making scams. To get your “score”, all they ask is that you pay R5 per day plus a R10 joining fee. Assuming you don’t get a message right away and cancel before receiving anything, that is R10 they get without giving anything in return.
BTW, you can see your score in the url you click when choosing a card. Now please send me R10 :stuck_out_tongue:

In case someone sees this and doesn’t get it, you can just as easily do this test by guessing the roll of a dice. You are bound to get some right. Nothing psychic about it.

Hmm, the “no follow” hyperlink restriction doesn’t seem to be working. Clicking the link still opens the target page. Or maybe my psychic powers have deserted me and I misunderstand… ???

BTW, congrats bluegray V! Your most recent post put you in the Hero Member category.


Indeed :wink: didn’t even see it was my 500th post!
The [nofollow] link is still a normal link, just slightly different :wink:

Oh, okay – thanks for the clarification. Now it all makes sense, and my psychic powers, which seemed to have developed a “no follow” attribute all of their own, are back in the groove of things. ;D