Asteroid 2012 DA14: how to spot it

This evening asteroid 2012 DA14 skims closer to our planet than any other known asteroid. Although invisible to the naked eye, binoculars can bring the space rock into focus. Or simply watch the webcast.
Nasa Television will broadcast a live webcast during closest approach on Friday, featuring commentary and images from telescopes around the world. It will start at 19:00 GMT (19:00 UT, 14:00 EST, 11:00 PST).

Think I’ll try and do that. Around 9 our time.

Alas, going to be too cloudy here. Will have to wait until it eventually crashes into us. :slight_smile:

Every cloud has a silver lining.

Lustre is never guaranteed. My mom’s silver looks positively cloudy.

If you’re an optimist. If you’re a pessimist like me, then every silver lining has a dark cloud. >:D