Atheist Wins Right to Wear "Religious Pasta Strainer" in ID Photo

Atheist Wins Right to Wear “Religious Pasta Strainer” in ID Photo

Austrian atheist Niko Alm supports the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, a joke religion conjured up by atheists who say their make-believe stories are no better or worse than any traditional church’s. In 2008, to make a point about his faith’s sanctity compared to others, Alm asked to wear a pasta strainer on his head for his driver’s license photo. Austrian citizens are only allowed to wear headgear in state IDs for religious purposes, so Alm, a Spaghetti Monster “pastafarian,” argued that a colander is his “religious headgear.”

This week, after avoiding Alm for three years and even making him submit to a psychiatric examination, the Austrian government caved. Alm now has a valid Austrian drivers license, complete with colander.

Score one for the freethinkers. Now who will be the first to try this on in America?

Really score one??! I think it’s a step back- as if atheism doesn’t attract enough negative press now we’ll get associated with this crockery-adorned claim to fame!! I understand entirely his rationale in doing so - but wider society (whom one would assume he’s trying to get his point across to) will just ridicule the whole idea further… bet he’s a bloody student! ::slight_smile:

I wonder if the license is valid for motorcycles.

Only for certain makes like Yamahabbiata, Moto Gnocchi, Pastasaki and Suzughetti. If your bike is a Halloumi Davidson, you’ll need to wear a piece of deep-fried cheesecloth as well.



Good grief, there are some 175 Pastafarian sects listed here. Repent, heretics!

Lol! Give that man a bolognese!
I doubt it helps “the fight” much, but it does set an intetesting precedent. What with all religions being equal and all, all you really need is a couple of brave students to turn a system on its head. It won’t take the bereaucrats long to start being less tollerant, and once they do, screaming discrimination would just be so much easier/more fun.

I would think that the point the bloke tried to make with his pasta strainer was perhaps not so much that religion is silly, as that it is simply not the government’s business to decide which religions are “real” or “serious.” And that is perhaps a perfectly good point, to ensure continuing separation of church and state.

Bah, it’s clearly Flying Spaghetti Monster. How dare you doubt the true religion!

Yes, and that’s besides the point that it’s an impractical law bending over backwards to accommodate religion. How does one confirm the identify of someone wearing a burka on her driver’s license?

Right, not the Flying SpoogieMonster. Repent!

Now see here peasant, I have divine revelation from the great creator himself, I chat to him in the evenings while watching holy episodes of Nigella.

I have no need to repent, because I am flawless. Can I prove it? HECK YEAH! The great creator revealed it to me personally! Put that in your collander and strain it.

This made me lol — repeatedly