Baby dinosaur fossil found in showroom condition

Just check out this wonderfully preserved find.

God put it there to test our faith.

Nah, it’s a baby that fell overboard off Noah’s Ark and drowned. That’s why there’s no more dinos today.


Note to the perplexed: Cretards maintain that Noah only took baby animals on board, and only two babies of each “created kind”. In this way, they hope to sidestep Noah’s space, feeding and cleaning problems.

Well, it’s still the ootiest wootiest li’l tyke! :slight_smile:

Seriously, look at it… and people look for alternative explanations. THERE IT IS, right in front of you. But nooooo…

I really dig stuff like this, re-enforces the bond between what you read in journals and what you perceive in reality. It’s a really fortunate circumstance that fossilization exists and that we can peer so vividly into a past where humans did not even exist. Makes it all so real.

No wonder and beauty in science… bah!