Back in the Flock!

After a lengthy absence, I’m back…not that it matters…no one will remember me anyway!
Might do the whole “Hello, I’m Mutton. I’m an Atheist, an avid tea drinker, I ride a motorbike and listen to heavy metal and I’m nearly 54” thingy, but I doubt it.

Welcome back.

Still catching up with the “Show unread posts since last visit.”

Could take some time…

Hi Mutton, glad you didn’t end up in a curry somewhere. :wink:

If only you knew…!

Hah!!! WRONG!! ;D

Welcome back Mutton! Its good to see you’re still alive and riding!

Hey die tjoppie is terug! Welcome back mutton.

Love your profile pic, Mutton.
Made me chuckle.

Thanks all!
Need to devote more time to being sceptical - opening a second business has drained us, somewhat.

@Faerie - say hello to ol’ whatsisname!