Banachek to read minds in Cape Town Nov 2

Banachek (aka Steve Shaw) of the Project Alpha hoax will be performing in the Baxter Theatre on 2 November.
More info here:

Awww man! A Sunday? That really clashes with my pagan sun worship. :stuck_out_tongue:

If it was on Saturday the first (or even Sunday the ninth) then I wouldn’t be writing this, I would have been booking the tickets to fly down to see him. I am a very big mentalism fan - mostly Derren Brown (I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before). Unfortunately I’m taking a lot of leave off work for my year-end exams at the moment so I know that my boss will not allow me another day off work on such short notice.

For more on Banachek (in case you are interested) he was on the SGU podcast, episode 158. There is also an extended version of this interview on the SGU website.


Thanks for the SGU link, I didn’t know much about him. I definitely want to go see him now :smiley:

On Sat 1 Nov there is another event :wink:

Dang, my folks will be down for the weekend. They’ll have to tag along…

Aaaahhh! He’s not coming to Jo’burg. I need to move! :’(

Banachek was just on KFM, he should be on Cape Talk later as well.

Ah, good show. Was anyone else here also made part of the show? I was one of the guys for which he guessed which card I was thinking of.

Let me guess… 2 of diamonds? ;D

No, I couldn’t make it to the show. Wish I could though. Was he better than Derren Brown? :wink:

7 of spades :wink: No idea who Derren is. I have only seen two magic shows; Penn & Teller in Las Vegas and now Banachek here in CT (otherwise I only know of the famous guys that have had shows on TV). I saw P&T because of their TV show and I went to see Banachek because I wanted to meet one of the guys who worked on Project Alpha. Too bad my interaction with all 3 was very limited. They could provide some interesting dinner conversations!


“Paying with Paper”

He’s also a sceptic and featured in Richard Dawkins’ DVD “Enemies of Reason” to discuss cold reading.
“Cold Reading”

YouTube has thousands more videos. Some of my favourites are the messiah (full show), the seance (full show), the heist (full show), dog track (short), the shopping mall (short), the advertisers (short), actually … there are none that I can think of that I don’t enjoy.

You might find the full episodes elsewhere on the intertubes :wink: (so that you don’t have to watch short vids in YouTube windows).


Dang, will have to check them out sometime. I would appreciate it if you could let me know if you ever happen to come across the vids elsewhere, I cannot watch YouTube from where I get my net fix, IT has blocked it. I’ll try find some. Thanks for the heads-up.