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(07:22:28) Rigil_Kent: http://www.​​outhAfrica/N​ews/SA-pasto​r-under-fire​-over-grass-​eating-follo​wers-2014011​3
(08:31:42) Mefiante: There, I knew it! Uncritical belief quickly turns people into ruminant herd animals.
(13:47:19) Hermes: This is taking Ps. 23 seriously.
(14:03:37) Rigil_Kent: Soon to be followed by a new book, Faith like kikuyu.

(14:03:37) Rigil_Kent: Soon to be followed by a new book, Faith like kikuyu.

This one richly deserves its place in the shoutbox hall of fame. ;D

Mefi probably should’ve gotten a BA instead of a mere physics degree.

(09:53:30) Rigil_Kent: Eskom, hope you budgeted for this one: http://www.​​outhAfrica/N​ews/Man-prev​ented-power-​cuts-through​-prayer-2014​0122 ...... (11:59:18) Mefiante: Our Eskom, which art in pylons, electric be thy watts. (11:59:29) Mefiante: Thy current come. Thy volts be phased in cable, as it is in turbines. (11:59:38) Mefiante: Give us this day our daily amps. And invoice us our consumption​, as we invoice those who buy your copper. (11:59:48) Mefiante: And lead us not into transformer​s, but deliver us from monopoly. (11:59:59) Mefiante: For thine is the meter, the power, and the money, for Farad and Henry. (12:00:07) Mefiante: Ohmen.

Tha-a-a-a-nks :-*, but then I’d probably have less ammo with which to put down woo-woos.


Can’t let the Langoliers get to this piquant commentary on yet another nonsensical socio-economic situation.

(21:35:26) Mefiante:
                        [i]Those platinum strikers with AMCU,
                        Were told they could earn more than Juju,
                        Demands overrated,
                        The fight soon stalemated,
                        Their families ate safety boot stew.


Love this expression. :slight_smile:

pure science in action

(16:09:44) BoogieMonster: Tweefo’s sig: If you don’t agree with me you are obviously not from this planet.

(16:09:49) BoogieMonster: I disagree!

(08:30:12) Tweefo: Proof of alien life!

This is too good to let die.

(18:20:32) Rigil_Kent: I was intrigued by the patterns on her body-huggin​g gown, and particularl​y partial to some of the sequins converging at her infimum.
(18:44:09) Rigil_Kent: Well, it almost worked. There’s just no easy way to make math sound sexy.:frowning:
(18:55:08) Rigil_Kent: Let’s talk about sets, baby. Let’s talk about enth degree, let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things and cardinali-t​ee. Let’s talk about sets.
(18:55:23) Rigil_Kent: No?
(18:58:05) Mefiante: Hmm, maybe. Physics, on the other hand, is, er, quite fertile ground:slight_smile:
(19:26:40) Rigil_Kent: Poor Milli. Not even so much as a Bucks Fizzle for her troubles.:?
(20:42:56) Mefiante: Manny Fold, Lyn Nia, Al Gebra, Sue Premum, Cal Culus, Polly Nomial and Theo Rem were all part of the same Abelian group. One day, they convolved at the same Hilbert space just off an Eulerian path. They sought a closed form, free of surds, with an isolated semi-infini​te pole. At the very least, they’d need a saddle point within a hyperboloid of two sheets to ensure an L₂ norm of unsupervise​d clustering. Some affine transforms, conic sections, Laplacians, diagonal slashes and elliptic functions were beckoning…​.
(20:43:26) Mefiante: Someone else’s turn.
(21:03:17) Rigil_Kent: Soon Sue and Polly were bounded, but what started as a game theory soon landed them in l’Hospital.
(21:07:28) Rigil_Kent: Where Al and Manny brought them da flowers and Descartes.
(21:21:59) Rigil_Kent: Meanwhile Lyn Nia accidentall​y strolled into an open interval where she was squeezed by Theo Rem.
(21:32:14) Rigil_Kent: “You’re quite the operator,” she whispered. “Care to span my subspace?”
(21:32:44) Rigil_Kent: “I’ve no basis for that”, Theo replied.
(21:49:22) Mefiante: LOL, very clever, those last two.
(21:50:03) Mefiante: Lyn Nia replied, “Oh, but my kernel is dim 3 and isomorphic with yours. And I see how uniquely idempotent you are. I’d love you to trace my eigenvalues with one of your eigenvector​s!”
(21:58:11) Rigil_Kent: “But you are forgetting my homogeneity property”, he sighed. “I wish Al was here.”
(22:01:25) Mefiante: Theo Rem paused for a moment, thinking transfinite thoughts. “Ah, my radix is complex,” he admitted, “And my metric Riemannian. Induction seems too limiting for a Platonic solid like you, my dear.”
(22:05:03) Rigil_Kent: LOL, this is good smut, but Theo really got lumped with issues! I think only the witch of Agnesi can help him now…
(22:24:54) Rigil_Kent: But I’m diverging…​.

(10:30:46) Mefiante: Meanwhile in a degenerate phase space, Tessa Ract carefully folded the eight cubes around an orthogonal system of planes in ℝ⁴. “Oh my topology,” she thought, “Ikea’s new supercompac​t hypercubic wardrobe lets me store all my clothes, and then some! It’s like having your own Hilbert hotel in your bedroom. Now, what should I wear?” Taking a sip of Navier-Stok​es from the Klein bottle, she picked a toroidal Möbius strip, wound it around her ideal form and secured its Hooke. A moment of inertia later, she added an ordered pair of angles and a chain rule with a golden mean to improve her bearing. After transposing her hair with a div and some curl, she inspected her glide reflection. “Great circle!” she mused with necessary and sufficient self-simila​rity, “Combinator​ics beware, my radians are in a geometric progression​. Even if I have to integrate someone’s restricted domain, this acute asymptote’s in for some prime factorisati​on tonight!”

The day the earth stood still.

(14:23:47) BoogieMonster: I’m just guessing, but it looks like mefi is a bit miffed.
(16:32:57) Rigil_Kent: Hmmm, it has been a while since we had the pleasure of her company. And bluegray too.
(17:36:51) BoogieMonster: Have a look at the skeptical ability stats page.
(17:43:49) BoogieMonster: It is noteworthy to note that she not only holds twice, but almost 3 times the amount of applause as anyone else on this forum.
(18:03:07) Faerie: I miss her, the lady knows much and shared her knowledge…​…
(19:06:28) Hermes: Ditto
(02:49:38) Irukandji: @Faerie: Boogsie speaks from behind hints. Looks like he reckons Mefi’s got lotsa sockpuppets to upvote herself. Possible, yes. Likely? Like fuck. You’d need to be a total sociopath. (On Boogsie planet I guess that makes me one of ‘em.) I know her from way back schooldays, it’s how I got here. We email occasionall​y. She’s mostly a bright gentle & tolerant gem except about blatant kak & spinelessne​ss. But Boogsie thought with his anus not his brain. Mefi’s been here on the forum from the start with more posts than anyone and writes simply, beautifully & understanda​bly & with insight. The site admin’s on Twitter, handle = @bluegray. You can ask him who’s who in the zoo.
(02:52:27) Irukandji: Oh and check Mefi’s profile for when she was last here.
(06:32:05) Rigil_Kent: My goodness but you do know how to join the dots, don’t you? There is a whole section on conspiracie​s which you might find enjoyable.
(07:06:49) Faerie: Irukandji - who the blazers are you? Did I comment on her upvotes? Do I care?
(07:08:07) Faerie: Mail her and tell her to get her arse back here. She’s being fulla shite ignoring the rest of the forum because of one.
(07:09:30) Faerie: and stop making assumptions​, I have a brain and I’ll engage it any which way I see fit.
(07:10:49) Faerie: and yes, I’m in a shit mood and enjoying every moment of it.
(07:13:18) Faerie: and Boogie’s arse have more common sense than most people’s brains, fark, he EXCRETES more common sense than most people’s brains generate in a lifetime.
(07:41:43) Rigil_Kent: Is it true Boogs, do you crap wisdom? :stuck_out_tongue:
(07:59:18) Faerie: :wink:
(09:45:12) BoogieMonster: I have to burn it to hide all the evidence, otherwise the world’s heads and arses may explode. But yes that was QUITE an impressive feat of the imagination​. No, I did not imply Mefi has upvoted herself to kingdom come kthx
(09:45:44) BoogieMonster: Mefi got all those votes because she’s frikkin awesome all by herself.
(09:47:09) BoogieMonster: Thanks for the compliment though… I think…
(10:05:45) BoogieMonster: … as long as it wasn’t just out of loyalty. LOL
(10:06:50) BoogieMonster: Also thanks Irukandji for stilling my mind that Mefi hasn’t lost the plot. :slight_smile:
(10:10:32) BoogieMonster: I find it funny that you said I think with my Anus, and then Faerie confirmed it!
(13:03:06) Hermes: BM, mind where you cast your pearls of wisdom. >:-D
(13:27:56) BoogieMonster: I assume “onto the ground” isn’t the right answer. It never is.
[Cut Absa stuff]
(17:35:17) Faerie: sheesh, thanks for the upvote whoever
(17:35:41) Faerie: at times I doubt my own intelligenc​e
(17:36:29) Faerie: how the hell can I miss a mini flamewar going on in the upvote blog…
(17:37:05) Faerie: AFTER Boogies kind headsup earlier today.
[General chatting]
(19:45:06) Irukandji: Aitsa pappie, daar slat ek een fokken moerse vrot rou senu raak! Aaklige bielie. Methinks you ladies doth protest too much. :stuck_out_tongue:
(19:45:50) Irukandji: I mailed Mefi. Brother says she’s seriously ill, some ugly autoimmune thingymafuc​kup. :frowning:
(21:56:12) Hermes: Sad news. PM does not seem to work.
(22:56:07) BoogieMonster: :’(
(07:02:24) cyghost: :(:(:frowning:
(07:44:05) Faerie: @Irukandji, methinks you suffer from an inflated ego. Thanks for mailing Mefi.

(This post may be edited as the saga continues, GET WELL MEFI!)

Eek, just look at the ruckus I caused! Iru, you naughty man, you, stop poking!

Iru’s always been a stirrer of note, sniffing out buttons to push. He vexed one teacher to the point where she left school…

The illness I have has has kept me caged for some time and has not yet been pinned down precisely. That will probably come. The immunosuppressant treatment seems to be effective for now. It’s not pleasant when your own body’s defences can’t tell friend from foe and starts attacking indiscriminately.

And thanks everyone for the positive thoughts! (BM, my name is not Klaatu.)


yay!get better soon!! :smiley:

Welcome back! We missed you. Put your feet up and and get better.

Oh, it’s a man… interesting.

Iru’s always been a stirrer of note, sniffing out buttons to push.

You say button, I say false accusation. :wink:

.... It’s not pleasant when your own body’s defences can’t tell friend from foe and starts attacking indiscriminately.

Indeed. My own decided some time ago to attack my central nervous system. Very irksome. Good luck and I hope you recover fully.

BM, my name is not Klaatu.

Live long and prosper!

Yes I’m trolling/not trolling.

My best wishes for a speedy and full recovery, Mefiante. And promise us that when that happens you will not point your finger up.


she is the last person here you need to extract such a promise from :confused:

Finger up what?

Up to God of course. ;D

I meant to add “neither one”.

Neither finger, that is.

Welcome back, have to point out that I did NOT pray for you. :slight_smile: